Robert Hughes of Hey Dad! series, faces Sexual Assault charges

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Hey Dad! star Robert Hughes will face trial next year to fight allegations of sexually assaulting five girls.

He wore a red tie and dark suit and was mum during his entire quick appearance in Sydney's Downing Centre District Court, Friday.

Robert Hughes, 64, pleaded not guilty to all charges which included 11 sexual and indecent assault offences. There has been no formal arraignment to date.

Greg Walsh, Hughes' lawyer, expressed sentiments that due to his client's high profile status, he may be denied fair trial. "He asserts his innocence and it's being vigorously defended, " Greg Walsh told reporters. Walsh further added, "I think it would be very difficult, from understanding of the extend and nature of the media coverage over such a prolonged period of time, to get a fair trial."

"But that's up to the courts to deal with, and they'll need to give very careful consideration of that when the matter comes on next year."

There were five alleged victims, out of which two have given interviews both in television and print, directly accusing Robert Hughes of the sexual assault, when they were young.

Hughes had the lead role in Hey Dad! He starred as Martin Kelly, it ran from 1987 to1994.

Robert Hughes, simply walked passed through the media reporters without uttering a single word.