Injustice Gods Among Us
"Injustice Gods Among Us" is NetherRealm Studios' superhero brawler released in 2013. NetherRealm Studios/Warner Bros

It’s usually the leaked materials that start the hype. From the looks of it, NetherRealm Studio’s follow-up to the 2013 superhero brawler is not exempted. “Injustice 2” may be the real thing.

A new leaked image spotted by Polygon has been circulating online. The poster, seen in the link above, shows two superheroes, Batman and Flash, about to trade punches.

According to the source, the leaked image was a promotional poster for “Injustice 2.” These are supposedly limited supply freebies together with preorders of the game, as reportedly sent to GameStop.

This pretty much confirms what the community has been speculating ever since NetherRealm Studios Creative Director Ed Boon had changed his Twitter profile to what appears to be the Roman numeral “II” just recently.

In Twitter conversations, Boon had playfully teased—as characteristic of the developer for the studio’s franchises—that it may be a “Mortal Kombat 11” for all fans know. As early as last week, there have been reports of Boon teasing a new game.

Following the leaked image, Boon had tweeted an image for a party list invitation, which has GameStop crossed out. He had also noted that “Injustice 2” has stated trending on Twitter following the leak.

This indirect confirmation is still a good way to carry over the buzz until E3 2016. NetherRealm Studios has been quiet about plans for the gaming event, if any. But given the confirmed existence of the “Injustice Gods Among Us” sequel, it won’t come as a surprise if announcements or even early footage of the game will be shown.

Over at Reddit, fans are already discussing what kind of mechanics the sequel will bring. One Reddit user suggested that the developer may bring the variation system seen in “Mortal Kombat X.” One clue given for this is the lighted cloak clasp scene in the poster.

Some want the variation system to bring a more unique feel to how players will be able to utilise hero capabilities with the variations. Others are speculating the possibility of a tag-team between heroes to combine or grant other powers to a particular hero.

For now, all of these are fan speculation. Hopefully, more details about the sequel will be given come E3 2016.