GTA Online
Live the life of the big crime boss with "GTA Online" Further Adventures in Finance and Felony expansion. Rockstar Games

Rockstar Games has released the “GTA Online” Further Adventures in Finance and Felony expansion. Available for the PS4, Xbox One and PC, the title is set to make players the ultimate criminal this side of Los Santos and Blaine Country.

The newest expansion will bring in a slew of missions, new weapons and vehicles fit of the criminal CEO life. The mission starts with establishing one’s own hired Associates team. There’s a line of deluxe office suites available and tailored for the executive criminal. Seen in the image above, it features a full-time assistant, a boardroom, storage space for all the guns, a helipad and even a nice view of the skyline.

Since the Dynasty Executive Realty is partnered with SecuroServ, players will also get access to the SecuroServe Special Cargo Network. This can be used for obtaining Warehouses and trafficking exotic goods throughout the city.

Two types of missions will be available at hand. Buy missions will require a trusted and coordinated team of Associates, as players will have to face different kinds of difficult missions for better rewards. Players can choose among three organisations to purchase, each of which comes with specific risks and rewards, as detailed over the Rockstar Newswire.

More in storage means more demand in the market. This is will be the best time to strike the Sell missions. Depending on what’s in the inventory, players will have different offers. But the mission starts when the cargo is in transport, because any damaged goods will be a mar on one’s profits.

Since buying and storing in one’s Inventory can change the market flow, there is a chance that players can encounter surprise attacks from different gangs in Los Santos. So putting guards to defend the Warehouse is a must.

The “GTA Online” Further Adventures in Finance and Felony will also bring new challenges and VIP work. There are three VIP work, namely Headhunter for assassinations Airfreight for obtaining cargo from armed guards and Haulage, for delivering a trailer full off tax-exempt merchandise. VIP challenges include leading an ATM fraud and competing in retrieving the most lost cargo from the bottom of the ocean.

No CEO criminal work can be done right without the proper weapons, vehicles and even outfits. Drive around or fly in the new vehicles, including the HVY Brickade, the Bravado Rumpo Custom, the Pegassi Reaper, the Vapid FMJ, the Grotti Bestia GTS, the Enus Windsor Drop, the Buckingham Numbus, the Volatus and the Tug. Complete the criminal look by choosing to look the part of either a good or a gang lord.

Starting June 7, players can participate in the event week bonuses. Running until June 13, the Further Adventures in Finance and Felony Bonus Week will bring in new unlockables, like the Pastel Green Pajamas and the Green Smoking Jacket.

There will be discounts off the Buzzard Attack Chopper and services from Lester and Merryweather Security. Other weapons and ammos will also be at a 25 percent discount. So make sure to stock up on the Heavy Shotgun, Machine Pistol, Body Armour, Carbine, Assault and Compact Rifles, as well as Parachute Bags and Canopies.