Iggy Azalea
Iggy Azalea (L) accepts the award for top rap song for "Fancy" with Charlie XCX (R) at the 2015 Billboard Music Awards in Las Vegas, Nevada May 17, 2015. Reuters/Mario Anzuoni

It seems rapper Iggy Azalea is really giving it another shot with boyfriend Nick Young and their engagement is still on even after the cheating scandal. Last weekend, Nick made a boys trip to Las Vegas despite Iggy warning him that such a trip amidst the whole cheating scandal buzz would “look bad.” Nick went nevertheless and Iggy did not say a word more.

In fact, the rapper defended her boyfriend’s trip to Vegas saying that he had all the reasons to go for the trip as it was more business than pleasure. She revealed Nick did not go to Vegas to go crazy and party hard.

Moreover, when TMZ asked if there was a reason for her to step out without the engagement ring over the weekend and whether it was some kind of a statement to Nick, Iggy coolly replied it’s not her job to wear that rock all the time. She signed it off saying the ring did not go with her outfit.

Moreover, the two are back together and staying together. TMZ reported that the Lakers star came back to stay with Iggy once again after the boys trip. It’s another reason to believe that the couple has moved on from the entire cheating scandal episode and are happy together. Wedding bells may ring sooner than expected.

Although the rapper earlier threatened Nick saying she will chop off his organ if he is found cheating again, the two have sorted their differences.

Nick was at the centre of a storm after a video of him confessing to his infidelities was made public by D'Angelo Russell who Nick was talking to. While the 25-year-old Iggy said both of them are good, at the Ellen DeGeneres show, it was evident that she was frustrated. However, when Iggy appeared on the "Orlando & The Freakshow" radio show on Wild 94.1 and the radio host asked her of the bro-code violation between D'Angelo and Nick, Iggy was quick to reply “screw guy code.”

“Whatever bro-code is or whatever unspoken code that is, I don’t care because I have an actual spoken commitment that you’re going to get married to me and that involves not doing any of those other things,” Iggy told Wild 94.1.