Hungry Games: Catching Fur - Sesame Street's parody of Hunger Games: Catching Fire has been a big hit online, generating more than 800,000 hits just hours after the video was posted on Youtube.

With everybody's favorite puppet, the Cookie Monster, playing the lead role as Cookieness Evereat, Sesame Street's 'The Hungry Games: Catching Fur' is surely the best thing next to the actual movie, which features Oscar-award winning actress Jennifer Lawrence, Liam Hemsworth, Sam Claflin and Josh Hutcherson.

Bring On The Hungry Games

While the Hunger Games: Catching Fire made its Australian premier on Monday, its Sesame Street parody has already racked up viewers in waves and drawn positive reviews because of its genuinely wholesome humor it provides.

Armed with uncurbed desire to munch and crunch all edible things, Cookieness Evereat is out to win the Hungry Games at all cost. Of course, Cookieness needs her most loyal friends (Tick Tock Lady, Finnicky, Pita) to pull it off.

Parody at its Finest

The second installment of the Hunger Games is expected to delve deeper into the story revolving around the main protagonist Katniss Evereet and the growing insecurity of President Snow, who considers the 'girl on fire' as threat to Panem's social structure and his reign over the twelve districts.

The Hungry Games, on the other hand, focused on the adventure of Cookieness and her friends as they take on several challenges that required the competitors' wit to solve foods puzzles in order to progress to the next level. Of course, the poking monkeys along with menacing winds are going to make things tough for everyone. Then again, Cookieness' appetite is just too much. After all, there's only one way to win it all.

'We all know what we need to do. Eat food to win Hungry Games,' said Cookieness.

Positive Reviews & Concerns

The latest parody of PBS Children TV program has gained positive reviews from its viewers, kids and grownups alike.

"This is the best! As a huge fan of the Hunger Games, and Sesame Street, I really appreciate this. Peeta as Pita. Finnick as Finnicky...and his fork? That is the cherry on top. And Cookie's braid and Mockingjay pin! The attention to detail in this is fantastic! Great job!," said one of the viewers.

Though there are concerns about how a kid will comprehend a children-oriented parody of a movie that showed murder of teens and children inside a deadly arena, the Hungry Games: Catching Fur nevertheless lived up to its intention of providing a 'funny twist' to the critically-acclaimed movie.

"Your kids may not be old enough for "The Hunger Games," but they're definitely ready for "The Hungry Games." May the cookies be ever in your favor," a viewer stated.

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