For Honor
"For Honor," from Ubisoft Facebook/For Honor

“For Honor” is not a stranger to the gaming industry, as it was revealed at the last Entertainment Electronic Expo, which was held in June. But one exciting aspect of the game has been kept under wraps until now -- the dual mode.

Participants of the PAX West conference were given the opportunity to demo the dual mode of “For Honor,” which is just one player versus another. The match is relatively difficult, both because there is hardly any room to move in and because there are no healing spots whatsoever. So in addition to having no space to run or strike, every hit counts whether which player it is against.

The winner is determined in a best-out-of-five manner. Ubisoft did not disclose whether or not it would be possible to duel with an AI opponent in “For Honor.”

As PlayStation Lifestyle notes, the dual mode of the game is a great practice round for when players opt to go for the four versus four matches (domination mode), which is the heart of multiplayer in “For Honor.”

Likewise, Attack Of The Fanboy says that the dual mode can also act like a break from the more intense option within the game.

While the objective of dual mode is simple -- to beat the enemy in a one-on-one battle -- domination mode is slightly more complicated. There are definitely more factors to the game when multiplayer is the prefered gameplay.

Teams of four are formed, which all attempt to get to 1,000 points the fastest. These points are acquired by defeating AI troops, killing other opponents, taking control of the front line and ultimately occupying the three control zones.

Taking a zone is sometimes difficult, as players need to stand within the zone for a full 30 seconds without any opponents. The struggle, however, becomes worth it as the zone turns into a healing spot when owned.

"For Honor" will arrive in the international market on Feb. 14, 2017.