Fans always thought Peter Quinn was on Carrie Mathison’s side, but why shoot her in the arm? In “Homeland” Season 3 Episode 8, titled, “A Red Wheelbarrow,” Carrie was seen getting down onto the pavement when shot in the arm by Quinn.

In the government’s effort to save months of operations, Quinn shot Carrie in the arm when Brody’s former lover almost blew her cover. The incident came when Carrie attempted to stop the man from killing the suspected terrorist behind the Langley bombing.

In the scene, Carrie was seen getting out of the truck when she saw that the man, who she believes is the real suspect in the massive bombing, was about to get killed.

This according to the Huffington Post was one of Carrie’s ways to prove the innocence of the father of her child. “Homeland” fans now know that Carrie is 13 weeks pregnant and everybody suspects that it is Brody’s baby.

While running out of the truck, the CIA case officer was heard shouting to Dar Adal, that indeed Brody’s name will be cleared only if the man is alive. Adal is the black ops specialist, who now works for Saul Berenson, the acting CIA chief and he headed the operation of what the Huffington Post described as “an elaborate sting to stage a governmental coup in Iran.”

"Keeping him alive is the only way to prove Brody's innocent!" the Huffington Post said Carrie was heard yelling at Adal in the operation that’s also aimed at locating the man responsible for the massive bombing considered as “America’s Second 911.

In the final scenes of the Season 2 finale of “Homeland,” Carrie was seen promising Brody that she is the only one who can prove that he had nothing to do with the Langley bombing that killed hundreds of CIA officials and top U.S. government officials. The bomb went off when former CIA Chief, David Estes was giving his testimony of the late Vice President Finn Walden.

Carrie and Brody was at her office at that time, sneaking out of the funeral service and shared some kisses instead. Carrie helped Brody escaped and she opted to stay knowing no one but her believes that Brody is not behind the attacks.

Scroll down and watch promotional clip of “Homeland” Season 3 Episode 8, titled “A Red Wheelbarrow.”

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