In "Homeland" Season 3, Episode 8, top CIA case officer, Carrie Mathison has finally found a witness to prove that Sgt. Nicholas Brody is not behind the Langley bombing. Working on a tip given by Javadi, an Iranian intelligence officer, Carrie enjoins Peter Quinn’s assistance to pursue the suspected terrorist.

Even with a baby growing inside her, Carrie remains steadfast as she tries to prove Brody’s innocence. In the set of promotional clips released by Showtime for Episode 8, Carrie is seen in pursuit of the man behind the massive bombing, which eventually would clear Brody’s name.

The episode’s official synopsis from Showtime’s official website reads: “Carrie and Quinn pursue a key suspect in the Langley bombing. Saul contends with political backlash. The intelligence job takes a toll on Fara.”

Titled, “A Red Wheelbarrow,” the episode written by James Yoshimura, features Carrie meeting Javadi’s former lawyer who could lead her to a man behind the attacks. Carrie’s lover and former war veteran has become the most wanted man in America when the incident killed hundreds of American government officials who attended the funeral service of US Vice President Walden Finn at the Season 2 finale.

The teaser also hints that the Langley bombing was even orchestrated by a firm that could be linked to top officials in the U.S. Senate.

The scene featuring retired black ops specialist, Dar Adal, played by F. Murray Abraham with Bennett portrayed by Martin Donovan could even send a disturbing and shocking storyline to “Homeland” millions of avid followers.

In the said sequence, Adal served as CIA’s informal messenger to Bennett, convincing partner in the Washington D.C. firm that helped Carrie get out from the psych ward, to take the initiative and cooperate in the agency’s investigation.

Bennett took Adal’s invitation as a threat but he strongly shot back at the black ops specialist, claiming he “has nothing to hide.”

As Bennett left the restaurant , the viewers are left with more questions:
- Does Bennettt and his firm have something to do with the Langley bombing?
- How will Carrie hunt down the man tipped by Javadi?

“Homeland” Season 3, Episode 8 airs on Showtime, Nov. 17, 2013, 9 p.m.

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Credit: YouTube/Homeland