Several Hollywood stars have shared their reactions after Adele dropped her new single “Hello” from her comeback album “25.”

Celebrities including Kate Hudson and Katy Perry shared their emotional reactions to Adele’s song “Hello” off her upcoming album with photos uploaded to their social media accounts.

Hudson posted Saturday a photo of herself crying and wrapped around her pillow while listening to Adele’s song on Instagram. “When @adele puts out a new single... She's done it again! ___#Hello #25 #SheHadMeAtHello,” she captioned.

Singer Perry took to Twitter for her reaction and posted a photo of her blue pillow stained with tears.“Listen to "hello" from @OfficialAdele once [crying emoji],” she wrote.

Fellow singer Sam Smith also showed his love for Adele’s track “Hello’s” music video on Instagram. “This look @adele actually made me scream like a little girl,” Smith captioned the photo of Adele. Meanwhile other stars tweeted their praise and support for Adele and her music.

“My god, I need @Adele's new album to be out already, so in love,” Chloe Grace Moretz tweeted.

Kelly Clarkson wrote on her Twitter account, “Oh my goodness @OfficialAdele I love #hello :) You never disappoint! I can't wait to hear the whole album! #worththewait #supportgreatmusic.”

Actors Russell Crowe and Colton Haynes also shared the music video of Adele’s “Hello” on Twitter. Crowe wrote “Huge this girl... “ while Haynes captioned “Didnt sleep last night. Listened to the new @Adele song about 2k times.”

The multi-awarded singer announced last week via Instagram that her third and long-awaited album will be released on Nov. 20. The singer admitted that her album titled “25” is her way of “making up” to herself and her fans.

“Hello” is Adele’s first single off the album “25.” It was released on Oct. 23, but was first heard during a TV advertisement of “The X-Factor” U.K. edition in early October.

The music video of “Hello,” directed by Xavier Dolan, tells the story of a broken-up woman calling to her younger self, according to Los Angeles Times. Director Dolan explained that the video is “highly unoriginal.”

“The lyrics are 'Hello, it's me' and then you see someone picking up a phone. I'm not good at imagining super-conceptual videos. I just thought it would be nice to have her walk around the house and make phone calls and end up in a forest, with maybe some flashbacks in it,” he said.

“Hello” has already garnered more than 67 million views on YouTube as of Oct. 26. Watch the music video below.

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