The Internet was abuzz this week over news that spread like wildfire, quoting a study purportedly published by the New England Journal of Medicine and authored by a gerontologist named Dr Karen Weatherby. Her alleged doctor’s prescription is that many men above 40 must stare at female breasts at least 10 minutes a day to prolong life by five years.

Her recommendation includes a dosage that the mammary glands they should stare at must be D-cup or larger. But she only recommends admiring the female chest, touching is excluded.

The science behind Weatherby’s prescription, according to Thebuzzmedia which is one of those online portals that published the study, is that looking at those milk producers boosts blood pressure and ignites a person’s cardio system equivalent to 30 minutes of exercise if he gets excited by the doctor’s order. The doctor even cited Baywatch star Pamela Lee Anderson as an example of a woman to stare at.

With the estimated five-year extension to life, reader The Bird Man asked, “I wonder if looking at them for 20 min a day would increase your life by 10 years? Theres only one way to find out …” Tongue-in-cheek, Treebeard431 replied, “Invite us to your 212th birthday and let us know, man.” But for Kevin, he need not follow the gerontologist’s advice. He would rather have no nagging from women, which he believes reduces lifespan by seven years.

The thread had Lynne asking on behalf of women if it also works the other way around. That is if staring at men with big genitals would also give females a good cardio workout and extend their life by a few years. Riyad Kalla, who wrote the article on Thebuzzmedia, replied that the research could be reciprocal. But it turned out Lynne was sarcastic and commented that males are only flaunting their idiocy with their responses to the doctor’s study.

The study supposedly had 200 healthy male subjects who were observed for five years. They came from three different hospitals. However, Urbanlegends, a site dedicated to daily orgasm with avoiding prostate cancer for men over 40.

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