Hoax Alert: Another 15 days of darkness in November warning due to solar flare hits internet

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Solar Flare
A black spot on the sun is visible in the upper right of this undated image captured by NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory released April 19, 2016. This region produced a solar flare at 20:29 EDT (02:29 GMT) April 17, 2016, according to NASA. Reuters/NASA/SDO/Goddard/Handout

The hoax maker’s factory is again busy churning out click bait articles on the internet. The latest hoax news they have resurrected is another round of 15 days of darkness warning.

It’s a rehash of the same hoax the group have issued in early October 2015. They just changed the year to 2016. But instead of the news coming from the news site Street77news.com, the hoax article comes from the site theboredmind.com which generates a popup when the URL is clicked.

The Bored Mind 1 The hoax article comes from the site theboredmind.com which generates a popup when the URL is clicked.  The Bored Mind

When users try to close the popup, they are redirected instead to The Bored Mind’s YouTube channel. But another news site, Empire Herald, carries the story which says the days of darkness would only be 10 days for 2016.

The Bored Mind 2 the hoax article comes from the site theboredmind.com which generates a popup when the URL is clicked.  The Bored Mind

It cites US President Barack Obama and NASA who allegedly confirmed the cause of the darkness would be the solar flare. The 10 days are supposed to be from Nov 25 through Dec 5, 2016 which is an event that allegedly has not occurred in more than 1 million years,

The news site points to the space agency as the source of the news and even specifies exact times of the start of the blackout at 5 am GMT on Nov 15 and would end at 4:15 pm on Dec 5. Besides the solar flare, the site also identifies an astronomical event involving Venue and Jupiter.

It claims NASA head Charles Bolden sent a 1,500-page document to the White House explaining the celestial event. The two planets would allegedly engage in close parallelism on Friday, Oct 21, which would mean only 1 degree would separate Venus from Jupiter.

By Venus passing to the southwest of Jupiter, it would cause Venus to shine 10 times brighter than Jupiter, causing gases on Jupiter to react by releasing an unprecedented amount of hydrogen into space and making contact with the Earth’s Sun at 2:50 am, resulting in a massive explosion on the Sun’s surface.

It would increase the Sun’s surface temperature to 9,000 degrees Kelvin. The Sun, in turn, would try to stop the explosion by emitting heat from its core, turning its dim to a bluish colour which takes about 27 days to restore to normal surface temperature. At this time, the light from the Sun would be dimmer and earthlings would only became aware of the series of celestial events until 5:08 am on Nov 25. While some areas on the planet would have brief moments of light for 7 to 8 minutes, it would revert to total darkness until the Sun’s surface temperature is restored.

The article also quotes Bolden as having allegedly said, “The only other effect it will have is everyone will get to have a true Black Friday after Thanksgiving. With 10 days of darkness ahead, one can only imagine what will happen on Earth. Despite NASA’s attempt to keep the public calm regarding the black out, with that many days of darkness, something is bound to happen.”

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