Heidi Klum's children were recently visited by a different kind of fairy, whom they call the “lice fairy.” The children of the supermodel were recently infested with head lice, Klum revealed to Ellen DeGeneres on her talk show.

"I'm actually lice-free now, as of a few days ago," Klum assured to DeGeneres on her show “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” on Wednesday, according to USA Today.

"My daughter was itching and then she had to go to the nurse, and then they looked and sure enough, they found a little egg, and I mean they're beyond small, so we had the lice fairies come over to our house," she explained on the show.

"Do you bathe?" DeGeneres then jokingly asked Klum. "Yes, of course we do!" she replied.

The “Project Runway” star, who is known as the Halloween queen because of her innovative costumes for the event, did not disappoint this year too. On her Instagram account, the 42-year-old gave a sneak peak of her awe-inspiring transformation while preparing to host her annual Halloween bash in New York City.

Klum sat through the long, time consuming process with heavy make-up, prosthetics and three assistants, who transformed her into the fictional character of Jessica Rabbit, E! News writes. Klum looked amazing in the animated getup as she walked the red carpet at her annual holiday party held inside Lavo in New York City. She was seen wearing long purple gloves, bright red false hair and a dress that showed off her huge fake chest and backside.

"This is my 16th year hosting Halloween and I've had 17 costumes, like Lady Godiva, the ‘Visible Woman' to a 95-year-old version of myself," Klum told People. "I like to switch it up every year and surprise people."

Jennifer Lopez, Nicole Scherzinger, Christian Siriano and Jackie Cruz were just some of the celebrities who attended Klum's Saturday night party.

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