In the upcoming episode of “Hawaii Five-0,” there will be a mix of serious and funny situations.

CarterMatt writes that the episode will focus on the couples therapy of Danny (Scott Caan) and Steve McGarrett (Alex O’Loughlin). There will be a number of great moments in the whole experience, but the two definitely have communication problems to solve. They are also expected to take care of some rule breakers by the end of the story.

In the upcoming episode, Danny and McGarrett will have to leave the team temporarily to attend a couples’ retreat. The two have been arguing about the smallest details, and this will compel them to go on therapy to take care of their differences. Some of the photos are shown on SpoilerTV. During their absence, Kamekona (Taylor Wily) will find himself having to look back into his past, which will put him in a compromising situation.

“Kuleana” is said to be one of the most fun episodes in Season 6, which will comprise a mix of humour, action and drama. Fans will find a deviation from the usual crime-solving episodes by exploring McGarrett and Danny’s traits further. The episode will delve into Danny and Steve’s relationship, and cover how their personalities tend to clash while they work together.

Gabriel (Cristopher Sean) will also be in the island. After the Christmas break, some of the scenes were reportedly adjusted to provide room for more adventures and potential conflicts. The episode trailer also showed that Adam Noshimuri (Ian Anthony Dale), who has been kept behind bars, will be appearing in future episodes.

Season 6 Episode 11, titled “Kuleana,” which means “one’s personal sense of responsibility,” was directed by Sylvain White and written by David Wolkove. The episode will air on Jan. 8 on CBS.

There have also been rumours that Season 6 may be the last, depending on the show ratings. Many fans are hoping that the show will not end. However, if the showrunners decide to take “Hawaii Five-0” off the air, the characters should have the proper opportunity to say goodbye. More updates and details on the CBS police drama are expected soon.

Source: YouTube/tvtymes