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E3 happens this June and a lot of "Halo 6" gamers were hoping to see the next chapter involving "Master Chief." Sadly, this is not happening but 343 Industries has something else prepared.

Brian Jarrad, the 343 Community Manager who uses the handle "sk7ch343," was forced to address queries on “Halo 6” being the star of the upcoming June event. He did confirm that they do have something in store at the Halo subreddit but it was not a new entry in the "Halo" franchise.

But the good news is that gamers will still get something, possibly some retroactive offering tied up the "Halo" franchise. If not a rebooted game installment, PC Games N suggests that 343 Industries could be revealing something special for PC users in the form of the "Master Chief Collection."

"Halo 6" is in development for Windows 10

Before it was officially revealed that "Halo 6" would not come out at E3 this June, gamers were already aware that the title is in development for Windows 10. "Halo 6" will now add new playable characters and instead focus on Master Chief, IGN reports.

It is likely that 343 Industries is not rushing things and risk compromising the game quality in all. There is also the transfer of 343 studio head Dan Ayoub to the Microsoft Mixed Reality team, meaning the development team will be one man short. With the setbacks, a logical date to expect "Halo 6" would be 2018.

"Little Something" of what?

The announcement of Jarrad somewhat douses water on the flames of "Halo 6." Now, most are hoping that the "little something" is worth their while – hopefully more than the above-mentioned sequel or Master Chief Collection.

There is a chance that the surprise could be tied up to the current version of the game, "Halo 5: Guardians." Though it has been around since 2015, there are some first-person gamers likely playing it.

"Halo 5: Guardians" has had its fair share of support ever since so it will be interesting if the game developers will come up with something to spice game play. The single-player campaign has gotten its share of criticism with most of the changes probably saved for "Halo 6."

Just the same, it would be best to keep an open mind and see what 343 Industries has in store for gamers. It may not be the much-awaited "Halo 6" so players would be wise to turn the notch down a bit and hope for something that can capture their attention.