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Nicole Richie speaks during a panel for the VH1 television series "Candidly Nicole" during the Television Critics Association Cable Summer Press Tour in Beverly Hills, California July 11, 2014. Richie currently stars in NBC's "Great News." REUTERS/Mario Anzuoni

"Great News" TV show, starring Briga Heelan as Katherine "Katie" Wendelson, Nicole Richie as Portia Scott-Griffith and Andrea Martin as Carol Wendelson, will have upcoming episodes titled "The Red Door" and "Celebrity Hacking Scandal." It will show phone hacking incidents and their victims, which Katie will investigate in the hopes of landing a major story. Read on for the "Great News" episode guide.

Spoiler alert: This update contains more 'Great News' spoilers. Read on if you want to know more about the upcoming episodes.

According to an NBC press release, "Great News" Season 1, episode 7 "The Red Door" will show Portia's phone getting hacked. Katie will try very hard not to read her private emails. Meanwhile, Chuck (John Michael Higgins) will ask Carol to wait for his cable guy at his townhouse. However, she will be very curious when Chuck warns her about something intriguing.

On the other hand, episode 8 titled "Celebrity Hacking Scandal" will feature Katie secretly investigating a celebrity phone hacking ring. She'll do this without Greg's (Adam Campbell) consent. As for her mum Carol, she will get a chance to produce a piece on "Biscuit Blitz," her favourite phone game. Plus, Portia will accuse Chuck of mansplaining, which is when a man explains something to someone and uses a patronizing or condescending manner to do so.

'The Red Door' and 'Celebrity Hacking Scandal' guest stars

The Internet Movie Database (IMDb) lists Marcus W. Hogan (MMN Employee) and Sheaun McKinney (Wayne) as guest stars in "The Red Door" episode. Meanwhile, "Celebrity Hacking Scandal" will feature Andrew Ableson (British Newscaster), Connor McCabe (Aidan) and Roni Akurati (Source Boy). Horatio Sanz (Justin), who is also part of the "Great News" cast, will also be seen in the sitcom's two new episodes.

'Great News' episodes: 'Snowmageddon of the Century' and 'Serial Arsonist'

The episodes before "The Red Door" and "Celebrity Hacking Scandal" were "Snowmageddon of the Century" and "Serial Arsonist," which aired on May 9 in the US. In "Snowmageddon of the Century," there was a snowstorm that affected the city, trapping Katie's news crew in the studio overnight. During that time, Chuck suddenly wants to work with Katie. Portia tells Katie that the situation is kind of romantic. Plus, Carol steals wine from their competitor "Morning Wined Up with Kelly and Mary Kelly."

In "Serial Arsonist," Katie got a chance to be in front of the camera as a field reporter. An opportunity opened up for her when a former "The Breakdown" field reporter was revealed to be an arsonist. Of course, Carol is thrilled for her daughter. In fact, she became obsessed with it, behaving like a stage mum. As for Chuck, he felt jealous of Portia's creative pursuits and tried to compose a new theme song for their show.

The "Great News" show airs back-to-back episodes in the US on NBC every Tuesdays at 9-9:30 pm ET/PT and 9:30-10 pm ET/PT. Its executive producers are Tina Fey, Tracey Wigfield, David Miner, Beth McCarthy-Miller and Robert Carlock. "The Red Door" and "Celebrity Hacking Scandal" will be aired on May 16.

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