'Gotham' Season 1 Finale: Fish Mooney Dies

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Members of the press interview cast members of the show at the 2014 TCA Summer Press Tour at the Beverly Hilton hotel in Beverly Hills, California, July 20, 2014. Reuters/David McNew

This week’s episode marks the first season finale of the new Fox drama series “Gotham.” The series is a “Batman” prequel that deals with the exploits of Detective Jim Gordon, and in the season finale, he dives head first into a Mafia war that’s raging in Gotham City. Meanwhile, Bruce Wayne makes a big discovery that will become a crucial element in his development into Batman.

Underworld power struggle

Penguin has started a major war by pitting the two big Mafia bosses of the city against each other. Penguin cleverly led Don Carmine Falcone and Don Salvatore Maroni into a violent war against each other so that they can kill each other and he can take over the underworld.

Don Falcone ends up in a hospital where Penguin comes to finish him off. Before he can complete his task, Jim Gordon comes to arrest him. Penguin warns him that Maroni’s men are on their way to kill Falcone anyway but Jim stands his ground. Jim says that the only way he can save the city is to put Falcone back in control. He is a criminal but he is his best bet when it comes to putting things back into order in the underworld. If Maroni wins, he knows that the hot head will run the city to the ground.

True enough, Maroni’s men arrive and Jim sees that they are being assisted by Police Commissioner Loeb. The two men confront each other and the Commissioner gives the green light for Maroni’s men to take care of Jim in whatever way they see fit. Luckily for Jim, his partner Harvey comes to the rescue. He gets Jim, Don Falcone, Penguin and Penguin’s sidekick out of the hospital and they proceed to Falcone’s safe house.

Fish Mooney returns to Gotham

Falcone assures Jim that no one else alive knows about his safe house. He failed to consider his former underboss Fish Mooney, who has just returned to Gotham after having escaped capture by a demented doctor called the Dolllmaker.

Fish has recruited Selina Kyle into her army along with some other goons that she recruited while in captivity. She ties up everyone in the group and strikes a deal with Maroni for the heads of Falcone and Penguin.

When Maroni arrives, he makes the mistake of undermining Fish and her position in the Gotham underworld. He pushes her down and she ends up shooting him on the head. Chaos ensues and all the hostages try to escape. Gordon and Harvey manage to secure Don Maroni but Selina and some of the goons catch up with them and bring them back to Fish.

Penguin’s rise to power

Before Fish could do anything to Jim, Harvey and Falcone, Penguin comes out with guns blazing and goes after her. The two old enemies have a one-on-one confrontation on the roof where Penguin ends up pushing Fish off the building. With Maroni dead and Fish presumably joining him after her fall, Only Carmine Falcone stands in Penguin's way to becoming the king of the Gotham underworld. Luckily for him, Falcone has decided to retire and escape all the chaos in Gotham.

Falcone pledges to leave the city and live the rest of his life in a sunny home by the beach. He tells Jim that the city is in his hands now and he talks about Jim’s father and the friendship they once had. Before leaving, he gives Jim a knife that was given to him by Jim’s father.

Barbara takes a dark turn

After having been kidnapped by the Ogre, Barbara has to recover from her physical and psychological injuries. Dr. Lesley Thompkins, Jim’s new girlfriend, treats her wounds but recommends further therapy. Barbara insists that she will only undergo therapy if Lesley treats her. She reluctantly agrees and ends up going to Barbara’s place for their first session.

Lesley tries to get Barbara to open up about her experience with the Ogre but Barbara appears to be more interested in Jim and Lesley’s relationship. Finally, Lesley manages to bring the subject back around to Barbara’s experience, but she makes a shocking discovery.

Barbara tells her that contrary to what everyone believes, it was her and not the Ogre who murdered her parents. She says that the Ogre took her there but she was the one who stabbed them and slit their throats. Lesley recognises that she is in a dangerous situation and tries to escape but Barbara comes after her with a knife. The two of them come to blows and Lesley manages to overpower Barbara and knocks her unconscious before Jim arrives.

Edward Nygma continues his transition into the Riddler

Kristen Kringle has found the clue that Nygma left on a note that could connect him to the disappearance of her boyfriend. Of course, Nygma has carefully disposed of the body, but with Ms. Kringle digging into the case, he starts to feel nervous. His evil side and the meek side that’s in love with Kringle have an internal battle about her and how she deserves to be treated after she keeps rejecting him. His split personality is brought into the forefront, giving a better look at the man who would later become the Riddler.

Bruce Wayne makes a big discovery

Ever since Bruce’s parents were killed, he has been investigating possible leads and motives for their killing. He has since discovered some less than desirable things about his father’s company and his employees. Because of this, Bruce is starting to think that his father may not be the honourable man he once thought he was. He keeps digging around the house for secrets and Alfred keeps trying to convince him to stop.

Alfred agrees that all men have secrets but he insists that Bruce’s father was a good man regardless of his knowledge of the company’s illegal activities. Bruce keeps digging and makes a breakthrough when he finds a remote control in one of his father’s books.

Against Alfred’s wishes, Bruce presses the button and some classical music turns on. Shortly after, the fireplace in Mr. Wayne’s former office moves back and reveals a secret tunnel, which all “Batman” fans know leads into what would become the Batcave.

That’s how season 1 of “Gotham” wraps up with the episode titled “All Happy Families Are Alike.” The series is expected to return next fall on Fox.

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