The holographic animated members of the band Gorillaz perform at the 48th annual Grammy Awards in Los Angeles February 8, 2006. Reuters/Lucy Nicholson

The Gorillaz are back with their latest album called “Humanz,” and its source of inspiration hits closer to home for some. It has been revealed that the album was inspired by Donald Trump winning the presidential elections. Or at least, the notion of Trump winning the elections.

English musician Damon Albarn, known for being the co-founder and principal songwriter of the band, recently divulged more information on “Humanz” and how it came to be. At the time of its production, the notion of Trump winning the elections had seemed like a far-off possibility. The seemingly unlikely idea of having Trump as America’s next president seemed too surreal, which was exactly the theme the album was going for.

“[Humanz] is a jouney through [election night], post-whatever that was,” Albarn said in an interview with Stereogum. “That news. When you go out that night, how do you feel? This record was anticipating that night but trying to make a party out of it.”

“Humanz” is the first studio album following the band’s 2011 release, “The Fall.” It is the fifth studio album overall for the group. First announced on the band’s official Instagram page in March, it is set for a release this April. Four songs (“Saturnz Barz,” “Andromeda,” “We Got The Power” and “Ascension”) have already been released for download, with “Saturnz Barz” already having its own music video. Notably, the video marks the first appearance of the Gorillaz characters since the “DoYaThing” music video in 2012.

For the uninitiated, Gorillaz is a virtual band created by Albarn and illustrator Jamie Hewlett. Hewlett is known for having drawn the characters that make up the group: 2D, Murdoc, Noodle and Russel. Over the years, the fictional group’s universe has been expanded and explored in other forms of media such as short cartoons. Most recently, the band has ventured into a new platform with its augmented reality app available for Apple and Android devices. The app will give more insight on the fictional universe and will later on give access to the group’s new album in full for the first time.