Google's Android plans include manufacturing own chips and designing new Pixel phone

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A logo is pictured at Google's European Engineering Center in Zurich April16, 2015. Reuters/Arnd Wiegmann

Google has joined the ranks of tech giants interested in manufacturing their own set of smartphone chips. In a similar move with Apple and Samsung, the Android-maker has reportedly been in talks with mobile chipmakers about developing processors and similar components based on the Google's specifications.
Google wants its next set of mobile chips to feature powerful camera sensors and next generation sensors support. Analysts believe that the move is comparable to Apple's decision to redesign its ARM-based chips. Should Google proceed with the plan, then the company can address its fragmentation issues better. According to The Motley Fool, this will also ensure that its premium devices can compete against Apple's iPhones.
According to a report from The Information, Google executives are discussing once more if they should build an Android device from scratch. Sources say there is an ongoing debate on top of other ideas that come with the company's restructuring.
The report did not divulge any of the companies Google is talking to, but analysts are taking Qualcomm out of the equation. Google's mobile chip venture can go directly against Qualcomm.
There are doubts whether this can push through as other OEMs may not be as cooperative with the move. Blocking other companies from monetising majority of the hardware is an unpopular idea. The same thing happened with Android One; thus the initiative is losing momentum.
The same interest in mobile chips may drive Google into developing a new Pixel phone. According to Phone Arena, the mobile chips venture can be considered the company's acknowledgement that it cannot benefit from its smartphone line like Apple unless it gains more control of its hardware production. Nonetheless, if Google wants to avoid the legal and business troubles, then a Pixel smartphone can be a solution. It can develop the phone from top to bottom, although this can push other manufacturers to leave Google's turf. The venture's potential remains debatable unless Google decides to push forward.
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