In Season 7 Episode 18 of “The Good Wife,” Alicia (Julianna Margulies) sought divorce from Peter Florrick (Chris Noth). Eli also made a huge discovery and will be put in a difficult situation in future episodes.

“Alicia and Diane defend the privacy rights of a therapist after his neighbor flies a drone over the man's home office; the assistant U.S. attorney tries to use Eli's daughter as leverage in a case against Peter,” stated the episode synopsis.

Peter Florrick suddenly appeared at Alicia’s apartment and found Jason (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) in his boxers. Peter was upset at first but Jason did not flinch. Alicia followed by saying that she wants a divorce. Her husband raised their daughter as an issue, and Alicia responded by saying that he can have custody in the final three weeks before Grace is headed to college. Finally, Peter asked for Alicia’s forgiveness and to stay with him for the sake of the public until U.S. Attorney Connor Fox’s case against him is over.

David Lee decided to get more cash out of their law firm and leave instead of battling Diane in her huge plan of making the place fully female.

The case of the week involved Alicia’s former protégé, Caitlin D’Arcy, who returns and showcases her lawyering talents to her former superiors.

As for Eli, he realised that Fox was tapping the phone of Marissa, who worked for Lloyd Garber. Fox overheard Eli admitting to giving details to Judge Schakowsky and provided a huge predicament for him. Eli will either find Marissa being forced to testify against him or change his position and testify against Peter instead. Eli decided to hire Diane and their approach stalled Fox temporarily. Eli is ready to confess to obstruction of justice and end up in jail, but it will result to him being an unreliable witness.

TV Fanatic writes that it may be the last time that fans will see Cary. The next episode will also reveal whether Alicia will give Peter some leeway and stand by his side until the case is finished. Will Fox take Eli’s offer?

“The Good Wife” airs Wednesday on Ten in Australia.