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Cast member Freddie Highmore poses at a press line for "Bates Motel" during the 2014 Comic-Con International Convention in San Diego, California July 25, 2014. Highmore currently stars in the ABC show "The Good Doctor" as Dr. Shaun Murphy. Reuters/Mario Anzuoni

"The Good Doctor" cast, including Freddie Highmore (Shaun Murphy), Antonia Thomas (Claire Brown) and Richard Schiff (Aaron Glassman), will have an upcoming episode titled "More." It will air in the US on March 26. "More" will feature Shaun getting distracted during a surgical procedure.

Spoiler alert: This article has additional 'The Good Doctor' spoilers 2018. Read on if you want to find out about 'More.'

An ABC press release states that "The Good Doctor" season 1, episode 18 will show the St. Bonaventure team racing against time to find out the truth behind a college student's unexplained injuries before his condition worsens. Meanwhile, Shaun will be distracted during surgery after he loses one of his most prized possessions. Unfortunately, this distraction could end up costing more than his job.

'More' stars and crew

"More" was written by Lloyd Gilyard, Jr and David Shore, and it was directed by Mike Listo. Fiona Gubelmann (Dr Morgan Reznick) and Will Yun Lee (Dr Alex Park) will appear as guest stars in this episode. They will be joined by Audrey Wise Alvarez (Young Maddie) and Graham Patrick Martin (Blake), according to the Internet Movie Database (IMDb). The other members of "The Good Doctor" cast such as Beau Garrett (Jessica Preston), Tamlyn Tomita (Allegra Aoki), Nicholas Gonzalez (Neil Melendez), Chuku Modu (Dr Jared Kalu) and Hill Harper (Dr Marcus Andrews) will also grace this episode.

'The Good Doctor' episodes: 'Smile'

The episode before "The Good Doctor" season 1 finale was "Smile," which aired in the US on Monday. It showed Alex and Shaun treating Gretchen, a teen with Möbius syndrome, which doesn't allow her to smile at all. Meanwhile, Claire and Morgan's patient turned out to be an identity thief who let her insurance lapse to pay for her kid's college tuition. Unfortunately, she also didn't fill her postoperative antibiotic prescription because she doesn't want to be caught. In the end, she died of multiple organ dysfunction syndrome due to sepsis.

As for Kenny, she took advantage of Shaun. Plus, Jared asked out Celeste, his burn-victim patient, after Shaun took over her care. Also, Glassman dated Debbi (Sheila Kelley), the hospital barista, in this episode. However, at the end of their dinner date, Glassman experienced aphasia. Karen Struck and David Hoselton wrote "Smile," which was directed by Bill D'Elia.

"The Good Doctor" airs Tuesdays at 9 pm AEDT on Australia's Seven Network. It airs Mondays on ABC in the US at 10-11 pm ET/PT. Stay tuned for more "The Good Doctor" updates.

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