Gigi Hadid
Toronto, Canada Show host Gigi Hadid speaks on stage during the iHeartRadio Much Music Video Awards (MMVAs) in Toronto, Ontario, Canada June 19, 2016. Reuters/Fred Thornhill

Gigi Hadid has addressed her body-shamers once again. This time it’s against people who accused her for being too thin.

Just recently, Hadid posted a picture on Instagram which featured her reflection on a glass door. A commenter then called out Hadid for her rather thin body to which the fashion model immediately responded to.

“It’s called growing up,” Hadid wrote in response. “Bodies change as girls become women, just as my mum’s body changed at the same age.”

Hadid went on to say that she’s used to having her body judged over the years. She pointed out how this kind of labelling on human bodies, especially to women, is no different from an uneducated judgement.

“I loved my body as a 17-year-old athlete and I love my body now,” Hadid stated.

The 21-year-old fashion model then explained that her body did lose some baby fat, and the muscle mass she gained from her volleyball training in high school has changed. She also owed her body change to boxing and work stress, which Hadid claimed to also have taken its effect on her body.

“Purposefully changing my body has never been my thing,” Hadid explained. “I still eat what I want, I’m still strong, and I’m still healthy.”

As if to prove to everyone her point, Hadid later posted on Instagram a photo of her food made up of some bread, Nutella and milk. Some fans later expressed how stars like Hadid are just like everyone when it comes to food choices. It seemed that Hadid really showed how she’s not holding back when it comes to her meals.

“Your comment won’t get me down,” Hadid stated. “But next time, please think about the young women who may read body-judgement comments and judge themselves as they see their bodies growing and therefore naturally changing, too.”

Hadid has long been fighting against her body-shamers who describe her as either “too fat” or “too skinny.” The first time she publicly addressed the issue was after Paris Fashion Week last year. She penned an open letter on Instagram to come out in defence of her body and others like it.


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