Teresa Castillo
Actress Teresa Castillo, who plays Sabrina in ABC's long-running soap opera "General Hospital" poses with the show's executive producer, Frank Valentini. Instagram/teresaluvz

The "General Hospital" (“GH") episode on Wednesday will reveal that Carlos (Jeffrey Vincent Parise) is still in town, which will surprise Sabrina (Teresa Castillo). Other “General Hospital” cast members who will appear this week include Michael (Chad Duell), Johnny (Brandon Barash), Valerie (Brytni Sarpy), Maxie (Kirsten Storms), Nathan (Ryan Paevey), Anna (Finola Hughes), Jordan (Vinessa Antoine) and Paul (Richard Burgi).

The main storyline of the Jan. 13 installment is criminal acts, as some “GH” characters deal with various activities that may put themselves or the others in danger.

Spoiler alert! This article contains "General Hospital" spoilers.

TV Guide reports that on Wednesday, Maxie offers a hand to Nathan with his investigation, while Michael receives a message from Sabrina. Elsewhere, Anna will confide to Paul and Jordan about her theories.

A preview video for the Jan. 13 episode shows multiple scenes of what will happen next in “General Hospital.”

The first scene will show Jordan, Anna and Paul. Jordan asks Anna, “Why don’t you tell Paul what’s going on?” Maxie will appear on the next part of the video, as Nathan covers her eyes to surprise her. “My boyfriend is a cop,” Maxie says.

On the next scene, Valerie lashes out at Olivia. “He’d rather shovel snow than work for a self-righteous hypocrite like you,” Valerie sneers. Another clip will show Sabrina talking to Carlos on the phone. She asks him, “What are you still doing in Port Charles?”

Dante and Michael appear on the next part of the video. Dante reveals to Michael that Lulu slept with someone. Speaking of Lulu, she will be the focus of the last scene, as someone wearing a mask grabs her.

"General Hospital" soap recap

On Tuesday, Anna learned that Carlos is the father of Sabrina’s baby, and that Sabrina and Michael separated over her lies. Anna began talking about Carlos, and said that she’s sorry he died before he knew about the baby. At that point, Sabrina spilt her tea. When the two parted ways, Anna informed Jordan about what she and Sabrina talked about. Anna also shared with Jordan her belief that Sabrina knows Carlos is alive. Anna poached the idea of monitoring Sabrina’s phone calls, but Jordan said this should be approved by the DA.

Source: YouTube/General Hospital

The "General Hospital" series airs Mondays to Fridays on ABC Daytime. Stay tuned for more "General Hospital" spoilers.