'Game of Thrones'
A poster of HBO TV series "Game of Thrones." Game of Thrones/ Facebook

With the end of “Game of Thrones” in sight, HBO is working on four new TV series as a replacement. However, George RR Martin has now revealed that the shows are not spinoffs in the traditional sense. He shared some hints about what they will be, and what they will not be about.

In his blog post, Martin said the new projects that he is working with HBO may not all be based on Westeros. The author pointed out that the fantasy world he has created is a vast canvas with rich history. So, the new stories will be told from this “secondary universe.”

The new projects will not have a close relationship to the current series. So, there won’t be a show based on the “Dunk and Egg” books, and the fans will also not get to see Robert’s rebellion.

Martin justified the movie by explaining that he still has more books to publish in the “Dunk and Egg” series, and given that he is a notoriously slow writer, he doesn’t want any of the new shows to catch up to the books, the way it has happened in “Game of Thrones.” For Robert’s rebellion, he said that with the end of “A Song of Ice and Fire” the readers will known everything there is to know about the secrets during the time of the rebellion. So, a spinoff in this time period will not have any surprises left.

The author did confirm that all the new shows will be prequels, and not sequels. But, since they may not all be based in Westeros, the fans can expect to see some stories from Essos, the other continent in the fantasy world, and one which Daenerys travelled to.

There are many cities in Essos that the fans will be aware of. The names of some of the cities in this continent have been mentioned several times, but Martin didn’t get a chance to take his readers on a tour of these cities. Perhaps a show based on the Doom of Valyria with get the “Game of Thrones” fans excited.