'Game of Thrones'
A poster of HBO TV series "Game of Thrones." Game of Thrones/ Facebook

HBO has finally confirmed what many of the “Game of Thrones” fans have been waiting for. There will be a spin-off series soon. But, what came as a pleasant surprise is that there are four different shows from different time periods in Westeros that the studio is looking at right now. Which of these projects will get the final green signal is anybody’s guess, but in the meantime here’s a look at some of the stories they can explore.

The most obvious choice for the studio is to go with the Dunk and Egg series. These tales are of the knight Ser Duncan the Tall and his companion, the future king Aegon V Targaryen. The stories are set 90 years before Robert’s rebellion. George RR Martin has suggested this idea on more than one occasion. With the novellas of these stories already published, the writers will find it easier to adapt, keeping the tone and flavor of “A Song of Ice and Fire” intact, and not having to write new original stories that may or may not work.

The next most interesting time period is the time just prior to Robert Baratheon becoming the king. There are a lot of stories about the rebellion that the fans know through anecdotes in “Game of Thrones,” so it will be interesting to watch these stories. It will also give the writers a chance to set the record straight about some of these events by separating the fact from fiction.

One drawback about the stories about Robert’s Rebellion is that there won’t be any dragons. One way to bring the magical creatures into play is flashbacks.

The third interesting timeline is the first Targaryen invasion. Starting with the Doom of Valyria, to the conquest of Westeros, there are many untold stories for the studio to explore. All stories culminating into Aegon’s dragon forging the Iron Throne with the swords of the fallen kings, and starting the first Targaryen dynasty that ruled all the seven kingdoms for the very first time. With his two queens, who took keen interest in governance, the stories of the conquest and their rule promises high drama.

Another set of stories that HBO can consider for a “Game of Thrones” spin-off series is the young years of Tyrion Lannister. Many fans love the wit and wisdom of the dwarf, and it will be interesting to see the character play his pranks as a young boy. There is a lot of pain and sadness for the character too, as he gets tormented by the disdain of his father and the cruel nature of his sister.