Actor Tom Ellis of "Lucifer" appears during the Fox Network presentation at the Television Critics Association (TCA) winter press tour in Pasadena, California January 15, 2016. Reuters/David McNew

Morningstar will bring out the Flaming Sword in “Lucifer” season 2 episode 15. However, there is an unexpected problem. Meanwhile, the Devil will get his hands on a book about “feelings.” The following article contains spoilers.

The more dramatic aspect of the plot in the next episode is Morningstar (Tom Ellis), Amenadiel (D.B. Woodside) and Charlotte (Tricia Helfer) planning to use the Flaming Sword to cut through the gates of heaven and enter the Silver City. However, things don’t exactly go as planned, as they are not able to ignite the sword.

Only Morningstar can ignite the sword, but for some reason he is not able to. Amenadiel is hopeful, pointing out that they have a lot of time on their hands to fix this problem. However, Mum appears to be saying in the preview video that there is not enough time for her.

On the more fun part of the plot, Morningstar will start getting in touch with his inner feelings to manage his state of mind better in “Lucifer” season 2 episode 15. He will attempt to deal with the issues he is facing in life through some emotional intelligence. He goes about it in his own unique way: by reading a book meant for children at a nightclub.

While the Devil deals with his feelings, his partnership with Chloe (Lauren German) continues without any further hiccups. The duo will be on yet another murder case.

Meanwhile, there seems to be some tension between the brothers. Amenadiel can be seen punching his brother in the preview video, and in another scene he explains that it is all up to Morningstar now.

There is also a hooded man who attacks Morningstar in a basement parking. While the Devil takes this man to be a common criminal, his strength shocks him. Did Dad send someone else to Earth? Or is this someone he already knows, in disguise?

Just five more episodes are left on the show. The plot may soon introduce a new element to set the stage for the next season. The biggest addition for the second season was Mum. It will be interesting to see what the producers have planned to keep the show fresh and entertaining.

Will Morningstar be able to control his emotions and ignite the Flaming Sword in “Lucifer” season 2 episode 15? If he manages that, will he have the heart to leave Chloe behind on Earth and make his way to heaven?

Credit: Lucifer/ YouTube