Sophie Turner hair
"Game of Thrones" star Sophie Turner posts a selfie with her new hair color in photo posted July 30, 2016 Instagram/sophiet

The beautiful Sansa Stark is looking more like a Targaryen, as she ditches her old red hair for a platinum blonde shade. This is in real life, at least.

A report by Hello Magazine reveals that 20-year-old actress Sophie Turner is naturally blonde, but has dyed her hair in a shade of auburn for her role as Sansa Stark in “Game of Thrones.” This is an important detail which makes her resemble her mother, Caitlyn Stark, in the series.

Turner gave her followers a first glance of her new look in an Instagram post. There, she only showed half of her face while her new long blonde hair was visible. She captioned the post with “I did a thing.”

While everyone is used to seeing her with fiery red hair, her new blonde look has a certain charm to it which matches her fair skin and makes her blue eyes pop even more, making her look somewhat like an angel.

This is not the first time Turner sported a different hair colour. At the end of Season 4, she briefly had her hair dyed in a dark brown shade.

Neither is she the only Stark to recently change hair colour. Lately, Arya just went full mermaid as she sported a shade of teal for her long hair.

While Turner still looks gorgeous with whatever shade of hair she chooses to have, her followers were quite quick in voicing out how they felt about the new look. A lot of followers complimented the new look, while several others compared her new look with a Targaryen. Her new look indeed, makes her look very closely related to the mother of dragons.

While she may look lovely in her new hair colour, there are yet no announcements as to what implications her new look may have on her role in “Game of Thrones.” Such change in hair colour however has her fans guessing as far as her being in another Stark-Targaryen twisted family tie, or a new movie role requires her to look the part, or could be that she just felt like doing it in between seasons according to a report by Glamour.