American talk show host Geraldo Rivera had a nightmarish experience when the ISIS gunmen attacked the Stade de France because his daughter, Simone Rivera, was also present at the stadium to watch the soccer match between Germany and France.

Simone, Geraldo’s 21-year old daughter, had a narrow escape as she was one amongst the thousands of spectators at the venue where suicide bombers blew themselves up. Geraldo took to Twitter to post about Simone’s safety on Sunday.

The TV news anchor struggled hard to hold back his tears while narrating an account for his daughter’s close shave, during his show on Fox News, according to E! News.

"It's my, my gorgeous daughter. It's, uh, it's very upsetting. I'm used to being in the action myself…It's a lot easier to report these things and to experience them myself than if it is your child. She just turned 21 years old, she's a straight A student, she's a wonderful, wonderful person and a very gentle soul and we're obviously very concerned," Geraldo said as he flashed a photograph of his daughter in front of the camera.

While reporting the terrible incident on Fox News, the anchor called up his daughter to inquire about her wellbeing and the situation out there. Simone narrated whatever was happening at the venue. She said that they heard a loud explosion before halftime but thought nothing of it. Then at halftime, as they were about to get food, they weren't allowed to leave Stade de France anymore.

"Then we heard two more explosive sounds. But again, no one expressed any concern," Simone told her father.

Simone revealed that it was her friend’s mother who kept on calling them and broke the news of the attack to them. SWAT teams barricaded the people for security and the game was then stopped. Hundreds of people from the audience hopped to the field. According to Simone, the authorities present there installed a blockade around the stadium for nearly four hours.

After they got out of the stadium, they tried to stay at a hotel but weren't allowed inside the building. Thankfully, one of Geraldo's friends from Paris offered to pick Simone and her friends up from where they were stranded and drove them to safety.

Source:YouTube/Shareable Videos

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