Former light heavyweight champion Antonio Tarver
Former light heavyweight champion Antonio Tarver (R) of the U.S. works out with strength and conditioning coach Eric Hall in Las Vegas, Nevada May 6, 2009. Tarver will attempt to regain the IBF title he lost to Chad Dawson, also of the U.S., when the boxers meet for a rematch at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas on May 9. Reuters

Former light heavyweight boxing champion Antonio Tarver believes that the probable Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs. Manny Pacquiao super fight in 2015 will be an exciting one owing to the style of both fighters; Mayweather’s calculated moves and Pacquiao’s aggressiveness on top of the ring. The former boxing champion also added that Pacquiao will provide Mayweather a stern test although he also said that the undefeated American will respond well as seen in the past.

In an extended interview with, Tarver spoke about the Mayweather vs. Pacquiao fight and what he expects will go down when they do meet atop the boxing ring.

“You can say who’s gonna win that but you never know because you can’t measure the heart of a man. I think in that type of fight, both guys are gonna be tested and I think Pacquiao’s gonna land some great shots,” Tarver said in the article. “I can see Pacquiao landing a good shot, we could see Mayweather hurt in that fight and you can see Mayweather fight back like he’s shown in the past, even when he’s hurt, he’s gonna fight through it. Mayweather’s shown he has big heart too — I’ll never forget the Zab Judah fight and also when he fought Shan Mosley, he got rocked but when he got hurt, he was more dangerous then.”

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Tarver went on to say which fighter will win the super fight— picking Mayweather Jr. over Pacquiao because of the American’s resiliency. Tarver did admit that Pacquiao can put Mayweather Jr. in a world of hurt and that the Filipino will indeed test Mayweather Jr. in what he expects to be an exciting bout. He also appreciated the fact that Pacquiao has bounced back in recent fights despite what was an embarrassing loss to Juan Manuel Marquez via a devastating knockout.

“I can see Pacquiao hurting Floyd and Floyd fighting back and taking over the fight and winning the decision but it’s gonna be an exciting fight, I can’t wait,” Tarver (31-6-0, 22 KOs) added. “Mayweather’s been in some tough fights and he’s proven he can handle the pressure so you can’t bet against Mayweather but you just know he’s gonna be tested in a way he’s never been tested before fighting with a Pacquiao.”

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The 46-year-old Tarver’s opinion is highly regarded because he has experienced some big fights in his own career. He has fought former champ Roy Jones Jr., who was once atop the top boxers in the world, three times and has won against him twice. Tarver also met inside the ring the likes of Bernard Hopkins (win), Danny Green (win), Chad Dawson (2 losses) and Clinton Woods (win), among others.

Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Manny Pacquiao has yet to finalise their huge showdown expected to happen in 2015. Add a former champion in Antonio Tarver as one of the boxing enthusiasts who can’t wait for the super fight to happen.