Five Solutions For Australian Companies In The Productivity Crisis

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Across the commonwealth, Australian businesses are currently experiencing a productivity crisis. Compared to companies in other nations, Australia’s labor productivity has stalled or declined in many industries, including farming, construction and transportation.

According to Andy Berry, the CEO of Ricoh, the catastrophe stems from the lack of employee recognition, needs, and morale. His research suggests that Australian managers are focusing too much on containing costs and increasing profits. Meanwhile, they are overlooking a positive morale in the workplace and maintaining high employee satisfaction rates. This focus creates an unproductive work environment across Australian companies. Fortunately, managers can solve this issue with these top solutions to improve productivity and create engagement.  

Consistently Set Small Goals

Many Australian managers only focus on bottom line. They aim to increase their profits and lower their overhead costs. These managers usually fail to pay attention to the smaller tasks at hand. When employees do not have attainable goals to work toward, they rarely meet any goals at all. As a result, workers feel frustrated and unmotivated to continue trying their hardest. According to the recent study conducted by Ricoh, one of the causes of low productivity levels in Australian companies is frustrated employees. By setting smaller goals for your team, you offer them more opportunities to meet expectations. Their success will immediately boost their motivation levels. In turn, your company will become more productive even amid this current crisis.  

Purchase Online Collaboration Tools

Online collaboration tools can solve Australia's productivity crisis as well. The best online tools enable teams to work together in real-time. Team members with access to documents can make changes and add content simultaneously. This drastically boosts project completion times for remote teams. Managers also use online collaboration tools' instant messaging features. Instant messaging allows you to stay in touch with remote teams easily. Employees can ask questions and receive feedback when they need it most. Moreover, teams can access the best collaboration tools right from their mobile devices. With so many convenient options right at your fingertips, these tools boost productivity levels among Australian teams.

Invest In Time Tracking Applications

Moreover, invest in time tracking applications to solve the productivity crisis in Australia. Managers use these solutions to monitor their teams' productivity levels effectively. Australia's leading time tracking app allows you to view each employee's completed tasks on one single dashboard. This allows you to prioritize tasks effectively. Use this feature to hold each worker accountable for their individual assignments as well. In addition, show gratitude toward workers who constantly complete their tasks on time. When managers show appreciation and hold employees accountable, their teams complete projects more efficiently. Use this Australian productivity crisis solution to excel in your industry. 

Upgrade Your Email Platforms

In today's high-tech world, email plays a major role in boosting productivity levels. When Australian businesses upgrade their email platforms, they improve their teams in a variety of ways. Firstly, business email solutions offer a fast, safe form of communication for businesses. As long as you purchase a system with top-notch security features, you can send company information to employees securely. Naturally, sharing secure information quickly improves productivity among teams. Additionally, upgrading each user with a corporate email address portrays a sense of professionalism. This upgrade not only impresses clients but also makes employees feel important when they use their own company emails. With the right email platform, you can improve sharing secure information while boosting morale too.

Hold Standing Meetings

Finally, Australian companies are boosting productivity levels by holding standing meetings. This modern way of conducting team meetings promotes collaboration. When workers stand around a table, they all feel a sense of empowerment. This motivates them to speak out during discussions. Hence, standing meetings generate more ideas and enable teams to complete projects faster. At the same time, standing meetings decrease the level of territoriality. By standing, you create a more comfortable space where workers do not feel the need to get confrontational. Try standing meetings to create a better environment for your team. 

To solve the productivity crisis at hand, Australian companies need to take lessons from managers in other countries. By setting small goals for your team, you open up more opportunities for workers to reach goals. Use online collaboration tools to work with remote teams in real-time. Furthermore, invest in time tracking applications that enable you to monitor your employees on a single dashboard. Consider upgrading high quality email platforms to communicate quickly and safely. In addition, hold standing meetings to reduce the level of territoriality and encourage collaboration for projects. Implement these solutions to put an end to the current productivity crisis within Australian companies.