Final Fantasy XV
"Final Fantasy" was officially launched on Nov. 29, 2016. Facebook/Final Fantasy XV

The goal of any player is to defeat the boss, with rewards expected to be surreal. For "Final Fantasy XV" players, reaching the final stage and defeating Ardyn will result in giving Noctis the ability to fly around the open world (like Goku), but some players have discovered a way to use that even in the open world.

The bug was shared over at NeoGAF, detailing how players can keep the flight powers of Noctis after the final boss fight. Some players claim that the glitch has allowed them to fly from Lucis to Altissia, which some "Final Fantasy XV" are bound to enjoy.

For those who need more convincing, a video from YouTuber “edepot” should give you an idea of what you may be missing. Aside from being in flight, "Final Fantasy XV" players can do a bunch of other stuff.

Knowing how players love to take advantage of these glitches and get benefits, it would be best to take precautionary measures. Being a bug, it may only be a matter of time before game developers arrive with a fix and possibly roll back game saves for "Final Fantasy XV."

Some players may eventually try to save the game with the glitch for "Final Fantasy XV" to preserve it for future play or reference. Nevertheless, making sure that you have an actual normal saved game, too, would be recommended, since there is no telling if the saved games would be reverted or penalized.

A recommended course of action would be to save the game before the big fight with Ardyn on "Final Fantasy XV." Once done, go through the usual routine of fighting your way until you come across Ardyn.

Assuming that one has already defeated Ardyn, a player needs to reload chapter 15 and kill Ifrit again. It seems like a long and redundant process. Once achieved, however, gamers can explore the "Final Fantasy XV" world from atop and discover areas seen only in cutscenes rather than on foot. That would include flying above the roof of non-combat, all-puzzles (i.e. "Pitioss Dungeon") and even claim the top prize once done, COG connected reports.

It is one of the rare glitches found in “Final Fantasy” games, and game developers are likely on it as we speak. Hence, folks who dare try the glitch may want to do so immediately before it gets patched out but with caution. The key is the game saves, so make sure you do that above anything else before proceeding.