Final Fantasy XV
"Final Fantasy XV" Noctis figure from Play Arts Kai can now be preordered as a standalone purchase. Square Enix

“Final Fantasy XV” fans and toy collectors will be happy to know that a Noctis action figure from Play Arts Kai can now be preordered as a standalone figure. For those who have missed out on getting their hands on the “Final Fantasy XV” Ultimate Collector’s Edition, this is one way to own this figure.

Square Enix has teased an image of the Noctis figure and announced that it is already available for preorder. A fan had asked if there is a difference between the Ultimate Collector’s Edition version and the standalone figure. To this, Square Enix replied that both versions come with the sword featured in the image above. However, the second weapon is different.

“The [Ultimate Collector’s Edition] Noctis has the same main weapon, but the second weapon is exclusive to each. Neither version comes with all three weapons,” Square Enix said on Twitter.

The “Final Fantasy XV” Noctis figure can be preordered at the Square Enix store for US$129.99 (approx. AU$177). However, for those who feel a bit cheated out of the bonus figure in the Ultimate Collector’s Edition should know that the release date for the standalone figure is Oct. 31, which is an entire month after the launch of “Final Fantasy XV.”

Square Enix had already announced before that it will be bringing in more Ultimate Collector’s Editions beyond the announced 30,000 limited number of copies. No details have been given on when preorders of these will be made available.

The developer has also previously announced “Justice Monsters Five,” a tie-in mobile game with “Final Fantasy XV.” In a new video, game producer Daisuke Motohashi revealed some new details about the tie-in game, as well as its main hinge on the “Final Fantasy XV” universe.

“Justice Monsters Five” is essentially a mini-game within the “FFXV” universe. Since the “Final Fantasy XV” world has pinball cabinets, which Noctis and his friends can play, that’s where the mobile game supposedly fits in.

The title introduces two factions of monsters, the side of the good heroes and the evil villains. For fans who are nostalgic about some of the monsters from the original “Final Fantasy” series, “Justice Monsters Five” introduces these classics in re-drawn fashion.

“When we first release the game, there will be around 90 different types so it was fun seeing the directions that were taken with all the different legacy FF monsters,” said Motohashi in the video, seen below.

Fans can see glimpses of the gameplay in the video. As a tie-in game, it seems that the developer is not looking at too complicated gameplays, as the main goal is to make it a light and fun pick-it-up game.

“Final Fantasy XV” will release on Sept. 30. Pre-registration is already ongoing for “Justice Monsters Five” for both iOS and Android platforms.