Final Fantasy XV
"Final Fantasy XV" players can enjoy the Flying Regalia Type-F. Square Enix

New details for the mechanics of “Final Fantasy XV” have emerged with the latest issue of Weekly Jump in Japan. Among these include link attacks and some information on the menu selections of the game.

Spotted by DualShockers, Noctis and Prompto will have link attacks when they exchange weapons. This will see Noctis using Prompto’s guns. Noctis will also have a link attack with Gladiolus. According to the source, this happens when Gladio uses a sub-weapon and jumps over Noctis.

Link attacks appear to vary depending on the kinds of weapons used and what circumstances they will be used. These attacks may be a great way to not only put more variation to the gameplay, but also to give the fight scenes are more cinematic appeal.

The Japanese magazine also provided a glimpse of the menu selections for weapon equipping. Noctis’s menu features a weapon selection that allows for switching among four different weapons. There’s also another aspect of the menu for accessories, which add different effects when equipped.

For the three other characters, they will have a command selection and a weapons selection. These will allow the player to equip a series of commands, which can be used during battle.

There’s also an 18-minute video where the developers talk about the Film Collections Box. Reddit user Kyuubi87 spotted the video, which can be seen below. The video is in Japanese, but the Film Collections Box is uncovered for a bit to show what’s inside the box.

The “Final Fantasy XV” Film Collections Box will feature the “Brotherhood Final Fantasy XV” anime, “Kingsglaive Final Fantasy XV,” a booklet and some bonus discs. These are all apart from the base game of “Final Fantasy XV.”

The Film Collections Box will come in either the limited or the standard editions. The limited edition will feature the game alongside Blu-ray discs for “Kingsglaive Final Fantasy,” “the complete anime series “Brotherhood: Final Fantasy,” the “Final Fantasy XV” Universe bonus disc and a bonus disc for “Kingsglaive.” The standard edition will not include the game.

“Final Fantasy XV” will be out on the PS4 and Xbox One on Sept. 30.

"Final Fantasy XV" Film Collections Box (Credit: YouTube/Rikudou)