Final Fantasy XV Collector's Edition
The "Final Fantasy XV" Ultimate Collector's Edition will only have 30,000 copies. Square Enix

“Final Fantasy XV” fans can now rejoice—more copies of the coveted Ultimate Collector’s Edition will now be released. Specifically, there will be an additional 10,000 in the pipeline. However, there is still a disclaimer to this new announcement.

“We cannot guarantee that this new batch of 10,000 UCEs will arrive on time for the launch of ‘Final Fantasy XV’’ on 30th of September 2016. But rest assured we are we are trying out absolute hardest to get them to fans in time,” said the developer in the blog update.

To ensure this, Square Enix will be rolling out updates as the release date gets closer. There is good news for Australia and New Zealand fans. Previously, there were only a handful of copies available for the region. Square Enix has confirmed that there will be more copies that will be made available here, though the exact number has not yet been given.

Community Manager has updated that, for Australia and New Zealand fans, the developer will get in touch directly to the people who are on the waiting list. This makes it imperative for fans to keep checking emails to not miss the window to order.

For those in the Americas, the order in which the additional UCEs will be given will be based on the waiting list. This means that those who are part of this list should expect an email that will contain the private link for purchase. This is important, as the link will only be available for 48 hours. The emails will come on May 23, 9:00 a.m. PDT. Those who get the email but do not respond with an order will give up their slot, as the next person in the waiting list will be given the chance.

The same mechanics goes for those in France, but no specific date was given on when the emails will be sent. For all other EU territories, the new batch of “Final Fantasy XV” Ultimate Collector’s Editions will go on sale starting May 23, 10:00 a.m. BST via the EU store. It’s a first-come, first-served basis. Each person will also be privy to only one purchase.

Square Enix revealed that the reason for the limited 10,000 additional orders is due to the time constraint for the creation of the Noctis Play Arts Kai figure. And for those who are thinking of waiting around for more “Final Fantasy XV” Ultimate Collector’s Editions later on, the developer has finalised that the upcoming 10,000 batch will be the last.

To tide over fans who are waiting for more announcements, Square Enix has also released a new trailer dubbed “World of Wonder Environment Footage.” As the name suggests, it explores the world of “Final Fantasy XV” albeit in a very detailed manner, Siliconera reported.

Fans can see the beautiful towns, cities and landscapes, some of which span what look like miles of fauna and faura alike. The detail is incredible, and even the day/night cycle shows a scenic landscape.

"Final Fantasy XV" World of Wonder footage (Credit: YouTube/Final Fantasy XV)