Final Fantasy XV Collector's Edition
The "Final Fantasy XV" Ultimate Collector's Edition will only have 30,000 copies. Square Enix

Even with the Uncovered “Final Fantasy XV” event already over, Square Enix continues to supply fans with new details for the game. Game Director Hajime Tabata had confirmed a few new features and hinted at a new Game Plus mode for the game.

In a recent Q&A interview reported by Gamepur, Tabata had given quite a number of new information, starting with the very interesting take on no loading screens. Tabata confirmed that the transfer from game to cutscenes has been designed so that it will be a seamless environment. The same goes for when driving or flying, both of which will no longer feature loading screens.

The mentioned Game Plus Mode will reportedly allow players who have finished the game in the normal mode to carry over everything once they start up and play a new round with a higher difficulty. These items include stats, weapons and armour.

Tabata had also teased some aspects of “Final Fantasy XV,” which will presumably be important to the game. For instance, the game director did not comment on the identity of the woman with the helmet seen in the Kingsglaive trailer, but he did tell fans to be patient. It’s safe to assume that she has a role to play, and Square Enix is just looking for the right timing to reveal this.

These are not all the information for “Final Fantasy XV.” With the title being Game Informer’s cover game of the month, there’s a lot of ne details that were revealed as well. Obtained by Gematsu, one interesting tidbit is that, in lieu of a photo mode, players can use Prompto’s photography can be very useful.

He will be asking time and again to take photos of camps and different areas throughout the journey, which can then be shared via social media. Additionally, players can also help Prompto improve his photography skills the more photos are taken.

On a deeper level of game creation, Tabata had also revealed that “Final Fantasy XV” is one of those make-or-break titles for the series. According to him, the team had tried to go back to the qualities that define the “Final Fantasy” franchise as a brand. This harked back to what the “FF VII” was, and it’s something that they wanted to bring back with “Final Fantasy XV.”

So for this game, they had tried to challenge the status quo, use cutting-edge technology and given an overall exceptional experience to fans. They are reverting back to these qualities in the hopes that they can get back old fans who have moved from the franchise as well as bring in new fans into the mix.

"Final Fantasy XV" trailer (Credit: YouTube/MKIceandFire)