Final Fantasy XV Collector's Edition
The "Final Fantasy XV" Ultimate Collector's Edition will only have 30,000 copies. Square Enix

Square Enix and “Final Fantasy XV” game director Hajime Tabata have revealed a few more information about the upcoming game.

An interview with Dengeki Online, as reported by DualShockers, has revealed the official take of the developer on the frame rates and the demo. With the demo already in the hands of the players, some have already come up with frame rate analyses of the two versions.

However, Tabata confirmed that the Platinum demo was not meant to show the frame rate, but rather the world of “Final Fantasy XV.” What the game director promised was that the Platinum Demo was created with a 100p as upper limit, so the specs for both versions were basically the same.

As far as keeping these specs from the demo to the final game, the developer has yet to confirm. Tabata has also released an official statement, confirming that a PC version is not coming at the same time or within a close window as the PS4 and Xbox One versions.

Still, for fans who can’t wait for the game, one way to enjoy the playable Platinum Demo for “Final Fantasy XV” is to find the secret weapons. Fans have already started digging into the game, and there is one weapon that fans can use to overcome the boss battle.

There will be spoilers on the demo from here.

According to Kotaku, the demo’s last fight will transform the then young Noctis to an older one so he can duke it out against an Iron Giant. This is a great run for those who want to experience the moves that Noctis will have in the final version of “Final Fantasy XV.”

His set of skills also include teleportation, so players can traverse through the different planes of the Citadel. At the same time, this is the very way by which players can find the secret weapon, the Cross Shuriken.

The video, seen below, shows how players can get it in the “Final Fantasy XV” demo. The Cross Shuriken, when used in the boss battle, it can easily defeat the enemy without bringing too much damage to the player.

Those who can explore the demo even further can also get to check and find the Shining Hammer and the Radiant Sword. There may even be a spell or two in “Final Fantasy XV.”

"Final Fantasy XV" demo secret weapons (Credit: YouTube/Cypronis)