Final Fantasy XV
The Uncovered: Final Fantasy XV event will give more details to "Final Fantasy XV" before launch. Square Enix

After the announcement of the official reveal of the release date for “Final Fantasy XV,” fans have been tuned in for more details on the game. Square Enix has been generous when it comes to teasers, and the latest has come from the UI planner of the game.

“Final Fantasy XV” UI Planner Takahiro Noda shared some details on the planned new website for “Final Fantasy XV.” According to Gematsu, the blog will have illustrations that are arranged similar to an encyclopedia. This will feature several aspects of “Final Fantasy XV,” including characters, enemies and weapons. More than that, the illustrations will feature 3D models.

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As a plus, there’s a photo mode for “Final Fantasy XV” that will make the journey even more interesting for fans. Now there’s a reason to make Prompto take even more pictures while on the trip.

“You will be able to check the photos that Prompto takes on your trip via the gallery. I’m sorry to say that the photographing feature is not a full-blown thing, but you’ll no doubt be able to recollect the memories of your trip,” said Noda as quoted by Gematsu.

For Japanese fans, there will be a new official blog, set for launch on Feb. 12. This blog will be replacing the forums, where the developer had been talking to fans for feedback on the game.

Those who may be looking forward to personally attending the Uncovered: Final Fantasy XV event are out of luck. Square Enix has already confirmed that the tickets have already been sold out. Still, fans need not worry, because the event will be broadcasted live on YouTube or Twitch.

As far as details for the event are concerned, DualShockers stated that the event will last anywhere between one to two hours. Uncovered: Final Fantasy XV is to be held in Los Angeles at the Shrine Auditorium on March 30. There is no concrete schedule of activities for the event yet, but there is a detailed schedule set to be released later on.