A picture of actor Lennie James as Morgan in AMC's "The Walking Dead" TV series. The Walking Dead/ Facebook

“Fear the Walking Dead” season 4 is set in the future, at a time when the heroes have found a new place to live, thrive, and build a new community in. But they will have to face a new set of tests and challenges.

According to a report by CBR, a new teaser of the show warns of “major tests to come.” The report notes that things may become “worse” before they get better. It will be interesting to see what kind of challenges the community will face in their new home.

Madison (Kim Dickens) and her group have faced different kinds of challenges in the past. From the difficulty of finding a place to settle down to experiencing dire water crises, they have experienced it all. Even venturing deep into the ocean didn’t prevent the danger of zombies and other human factions.

Apart from the tensions they will face, there's a group of important characters that will be added to the show. The most important addition this year is Morgan Jones (Lennie James), a character who will be transitioning to the spin-off from the main “Walking Dead” series.

Since there is a time jump, Morgan will not be the same person he is in the main series. The character’s personality will evolve, and he will be more purposeful, compared to the way he is on the main show at the moment.

“He’s made a decision about who he is to people, and who he wants to be to people,” James teased about his character. “We’re about to discover who he is and what’s changed about him.”

“Fear the Walking Dead” season 4 is set to premiere on April 15. According to the synopsis, the plot will focus on a “lone traveller” whose journey will be interrupted. Some of the people he will meet will become his friends, while the others become enemies.