'Fear the Walking Dead'
A still of AMC TV series "Fear the Walking Dead." Fear the Walking Dead/ Facebook

After focusing fully on Morgan Jones (Lennie James) in the premiere episode of “Fear the Walking Dead” season 4, the plot of episode 2 will bring back the Clark family. The trailer and a sneak peek video of the next episode show Madison (Kim Dickens) and her team facing their challenges in the new community they have built.

The next episode will not pick up from right after the time Morgan met the Clark family and the others. Instead the episode will begin with the way things are for Madison and the others. A promo video of the next episode posted on YouTube shows the new settlement that the heroes have built.

The new settlement has everything they need to survive. They have strong, high walls to keep the zombies off, and they even grow their own food, with cows too on the property.

In the premiere episode, the Clark family looked like the villains, by needlessly threatening people on the road. The scene with Morgan in the next episode shows why they acted the way they did. A curious flag that has been put up at various places in the area. No one knows who puts these flags, and the Clark family too is looking for answer to this very question.

Madison and the others have good reason to be cautious about the flags. The preview video shows a new faction arriving in trucks, late at night. Will this group threaten the settlement with violence?

Meanwhile, the threat of the zombies is ever present. The heroes appear to encounter a few Walkers covered in oil. Will the war between factions this time around be about oil?

A sneak peek scene from the next episode posted on YouTube shows Madison meeting a stranger. The lady that the heroes meet is clearly scared, and on the run. She is offered a place in the community, but before she can accept, the ceiling collapses and she falls inside the building.