'Fear the Walking Dead' season 3 news
A first look teaser photo from 'Fear the Walking Dead' season 3. Facebook/Fear the Walking Dead

A third instalment of AMC’s “Fear the Walking Dead” is on the cards, no two ways about it. The studio renewed the post-apocalyptic zombie drama in April 2016 for a 16-episode third season to air in 2017. So far a release date hasn’t been announced but a US summer 2017 debut is highly anticipated. “Fear the Walking Dead” season 3 is likely to arrive latest by May or June.

As for the cast, series regulars Danay Garcia (Luciana), Kim Dickens (Madison), Cliff Curtis (Travis), Frank Dillane (Nick) and Colman Domingo (Strand) will be reprising their roles. Mercedes Mason (Ofelia) and Alycia Debnam-Carey (Alicia Clark) will also return to the series.

Per a previous report, FTWD season 3 will also see “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” alum Emma Caulfield in a role that has been kept all hush-hush for now. It has however been known that the actress will be playing a villain in the series’ upcoming season. But whether her role will be a recurring one or just a guest appearance is not yet clear.

Meanwhile, an official synopsis for the third season has been released recently to gives fan a foresight on what to expect next in “Fear the Walking Dead” season 3. It states that the next season of “Fear the Walking Dead” will have Nick and his family “brought together in the vibrant and violent ecotone of the US-Mexico border.”

“Our characters must attempt to rebuild not only society, but family as well,” the synopsis reads. “Madison (Kim Dickens) has reconnected with Travis (Cliff Curtis), her apocalyptic partner, but Alicia (Alycia Debnam-Carey) has been fractured by her murder of Andres.”

“Madison's son mere miles from his mother, Nick’s (Frank Dillane) first action as a leader saw Luciana (Danay Garcia) ambushed by an American militia group,” the synopsis continues, adding that the couple has escaped death, but “Nick no longer feels immortal.” Victor has recovered both emotionally and physically and focuses on harnessing the “new world’s currency.” On the other hand, Ofelia's captivity will "test her survival skills and see if she can muster her father's savagery," as has been known from the synopsis.

Actress Danay Garcia, who has been playing Luciana since “Fear the Walking Dead” season 2, revealed a tad bit more in an interview with Inverse back in December. Her character in FTWD season 2 was seen having authority over Nick in the colony. But in season 3, it’s Nick who will have the upper hand. It’s him who will navigate Lucy and co. to survive on the other side.

“In season 2, I was the local,” García said in the interview. “The Americans were the foreigners. Now [in season 3] we switch roles. I have to follow somebody else’s rules. It will be interesting. That’s something that every immigrant goes through.”

“Fear the Walking Dead” season 3 returns in the summer in the US. The series’ previous two seasons are now available for streaming on Amazon Instant Video. In Australia, fans can watch FTWD on the FX network.

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