Fallout 4
"Fallout 4" mods will be available on the Xbox One. Bethesda

Xbox One players can expect mods support for “Fallout 4” today. Bethesda’s Creation Kit will debut first on the Xbox One.

This way, modders on the Xbox One can finally make their own new quests, environments, characters, dialogues, outfits and weapons, among others. Major Nelson revealed over his blog that he recently tried a few mods for the game.

In a new video revealed, seen below, Major Nelson shows off a few mods from the top creators. According to him, a lot of the mods that have been available for the PC can be accessible on the Xbox One version.

Currently, there are 667 mods available for the Xbox One mod support, VG 247 reported. As per the report, Bethesda has also confirmed that mods will be limited to 2GB downloads, including mods that have been downloaded but remain inactive. Bethesda has also confirmed that it will be increasing the download limit, though when and by how much expansion remains to be seen.

Sadly, the previous beta information leak on saved mods is true. When loading a mod and saving a game, the player will be left with two saves, the original and modded save. As such, achievements and trophies will be disabled when mods are active.

As for the mechanics of Xbox One mods, users can use the favourite command for mods and then download them directly from the menu. This is a shortcut, though the mods are also downloadable via the Bethesda website.

The update for mod support will come for free. There’s currently a Twitter program for Xbox One fans, where they can vote for their favourite mods. Winning mods will let their creators in on a prize, but even better is that voters will have a shot at getting a Pip-box customised Xbox One console for voting. Check out more on the Xbox Contest here.

“Fallout 4” players still have to wat a few to get mod support. There’s still the Far Harbor DLC to explore but sadly, there have been reports of poor performance for the PS4. Eurogamer reported that PS4 players are experiencing performance issues unlike in the main game. Poor frame-rates of up to 20 FPS and below, and the origin has been pointed to the fog effect from the DLC.

Xbox One mods for "Fallout 4" (Credit: YouTube/Xbox)