Final Fantasy XV
"Kingsglaive Final Fantasy XV" features an array of interesting characters. Square Enix

An Active Time Report is scheduled for May 31 at 8:00 p.m. JST. This was planned to be one of the highlights following the recent Chocobo Keepers campaign over on Twitter. The Active Time Report will be for “Final Fantasy XV,” and it will see Game Director Hajime Tabata take center stage again.

Siliconera reported that Marketing Manager Akio Ofuji and Community Manager Nozomi Mitsuoka and Yusuke Tajjima will be part of the Active Time Report. Hopefully, the developer will release an English subbed version of the “Final Fantasy XV” Active Time Report.

Part of the event will be some questions that have been asked by fans on the social media. Just recently, the developer also teased that it will be holding a XV Questions session at the Square Enix Booth at E3 2016. Fans should tweet their questions so it can have a chance to be one of the 15 questions answered at the event.

Square Enix has also revealed via a press release sent to International Business Times, some new character screens and bios for “Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV.” The upcoming full-length CG film features a good deal of characters who each play an important role in the franchise’s lore.

Nyx Ulric was a child saved by Noctis’ father King Regis, and he now serves as part of the Kingsglaive as a hero, thanks to his affinity for the royal magic and combat skills. Captain of the Kingsglaive Drautos is one of Nyx’s trainers, and he has high standards when dealing with his troops. Other members of the Kingsglaive are Libertus Ostium, Luche Lazarus and Crowe Altius. They each have their own quirks, such as Luche’s intellect and Crowe’s rare gift of sorcery.

Luna and King Regis also play a role in “Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV.” The image above shows the Kingsglaive members assembled.

“Kingsglaive Final Fantasy XV” will be an accessory event for the “Final Fantasy XV” game as it happens following Noctis’ and his friends’ journey. According to Anime News Network, some of the English cast has already been revealed. Nyx will be voiced by Aaron Paul, while “Game of Thrones” actors Lena Headey and Sean Bean will be voicing Lunafreya and King Regis respectively.

“Kingsglaive Final Fantasy XV” may come straight to Blu-ray and digital for English markets. Japanese fans can expect the movie to hit local theatres on July 9.