PlayStation E3 Experience 2016
PlayStation E3 Experience 2016 tickets are already set for specific theatres in America. PlayStation Blog

Sony has released the official PlayStation E3 Experience 2016 all set for June 13. Fans who are in the U.S., Canada and Latin America will have a chance to share in the event.

The event allows PS4 fans to watch an HD simulcast of the E3 Press Conference even without being present at the actual trade show. At the same time, fans can bring home some special PlayStation goods, such as the commemorative Coca-Cola E3 Experience Cup and #37 from the PlayStation Collectible Card series, for those who first attended last year’s event, as per the PlayStation Blog.

For interested fans who are in the U.S. and Canada, tickets will be available for free at via the E3 Experience page via this link. The tickets will be available come May 31 at 10:00 a.m. Pacific Time. The full list of theatres and their respective cities are also listed in the link above.

Once the seats are booked, there will still be a name-taking for those who will be waitlisted. There are only a select number of seats reserved for waitlist attendees, so expect first-come, first served approach here.

Fans who are in Latin America will have to check a different site via the PlayStation Blog Latin America. Sony has yet to announce the specific details for theatres included in the event.

While the details for the PlayStation E3 Experience 2016 has been polished, there is still one announcement that PS4 fans are waiting for. With May already closing in, fans are expecting to hear the official lineup of free games for the PlayStation Plus June 2016 lineup.

Until now, there is no word about which free games fans can expect for the PlayStation Plus June 2016 lineup. However, as usual, there have been leaks sighted for possible games. According to Daily Star, the PS4 games were allegedly sighted in an email sent out by the company.

These games are reportedly “NBA 2K16” and “Gone Home.” Since it is already the end of May, and with Sony PS Plus Community Manager Fran Mead already telling fans to keep watch this week for a full reveal of the games, the lineup may be announced before June hits or on the first day of next month.

PlayStation E3 Experience 2016 announcement (Credit: YouTube/PlayStation)