Facebook, Google revenues soar in Q3, companies review digital marketing efforts

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Technical aspects of online marketing
Technical aspects of online marketing.

Facebook and Google have both reported a significant increase in revenue for the third quarter of the year, beating analysts’ projections. These advertising giants prove that online marketers are not slowing down in their media buying efforts. Meanwhile, Campbell’s and McDonald’s are reviewing its digital campaigns, which might reflect some changes noted by an industry expert.

In light of recent revenue reports, a digital marketing expert has warned against misinformed business owners. He said that some marketers today may still lack sufficient understanding when it comes to performance-oriented marketing. This means business owners might be leaving money on the table.

The creative process of marketing involves copywriting, graphics and message delivery, among others. The technical side of marketing covers data analysis, audience tracking and the development of complex conversion funnels.

Companies in all sizes are expected to review their online advertising strategies as the year draws to a close. For instance, the Campbell Soup Company has recently announced it is looking into a more streamlined approach for its online campaigns, Adweek reports.

McDonald’s is also reviewing its campaigns, looking for ways to maximise its marketing dollars. The food chain giant is set to work with multiple ad-buying agencies to find the best ways to reach consumers, The Wall Street Journal reports.

Companies like FYA walk clients through data analysis to understand the big picture in digital marketing. In turn, companies like Campbell’s and McDonald’s are able to decide whether they are truly engaging their audience in the best way possible.

Facebook’s revenue report for the third quarter of 2017 shows that online marketers paid for more adverts targeted at mobile internet users. The social network’s Q3 ad sales jumped 49 percent to $10.1 billion. Almost ninety percent of this revenue came from mobile sales, the CNBC reports.

Meanwhile, third quarter sales of Alphabet Inc. jumped to $22.27 billion, reflecting a 24 percent increase year-on-year hike for Google and Other Bets, Bloomberg reports. Chief Financial Officer Ruth Porat said the wider adoption of mobile devices contributed to last quarter’s revenue growth.

Both Facebook and Google are able to provide digital marketers with relevant data on user behavior. Through Facebook audience tracking and Google search query data, both tech giants are able to collect a vast amount of data that helps in ad audience targeting.

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