Evapolar brings in the world's first personal air conditioner

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Evapolar https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/world-s-first-personal-air-conditioner

Evapolar, the world’s first ever “portable personal air conditioner,” is on crowdfunding website Indiegogo. It’s a small desktop gadget that creates an optimal personal climate around two to three meters away from it.

“We believe that technologies should serve in simple things every day. Evapolar is based on the unique technology, but we would like you to enjoy it every day instead of thinking about its complexity,” said CEO and co-founder Eugene Dubovoy in a press release.

Now, there is no need to share one’s air conditioner. Users can create a personal microclimate and enjoy cool comfort whenever and wherever needed. Evapolar will enable users to adjust the temperature around them according to their preferences.

It utilises the simplest and most efficient cooling technology -- the power of water evaporation. Evapolar isn’t just another evaporative cooler but also humidifies and purifies air.

It is completely eco-friendly and organic-free and thus, is healthy for skin and hair. The powerful and compact device is 12 times more energy efficient than traditional split systems, claims the company.

The easy-to-use Evapolar was developed using a special evaporative nanomaterial based on basalt fibers, previously a part of Russian military tech. It absorbs huge amounts of water and ensures extremely intensive evaporation. Evapolar, which is one-tenth the size of a conventional air conditioner, creates a soft natural chilling process unlike most of the air conditioners that often produce an abrupt cold air thread.

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It is portable and pluggable. The device will be available in White and Black colour variants and the color palette will  be expanded in future. With 710ml water tank capacity, Evapolar weighs only 1,680g with a power consumption of 18 Watts. It works for 6-8 hours with one refueling with up to 17 degrees of cooling effect. The cooling starts in less than a minute and reaches the peak in 2-3 minutes.  

The device has been tested at different temperatures and climate conditions. Evapolar aims to raise $100,000 (AU$1,42,748) from crowdfunding for commencing mass production. Users can save $101 on Evapolar Early Bird priced at $149 (AU$212) on Indiegogo. The 29 percent funded project has raised $28,749 (AU$41,027) with 21 days remaining.

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