"Empire," starring Taraji P. Henson as Cookie Lyon, Terrence Howard as Lucious Lyon, Grace Byers as Anika Calhoun, Trai Byers as Andre Lyon, Jussie Smollett as Jamal Lyon and Bryshere "Yazz" Gray as Hakeem Lyon, will have an upcoming episode titled "Full Circle," which airs in the US on Oct. 4. It will feature Lucious sneaking off from under Claudia's (Demi Moore) nose to go to his Uncle Eddie (Forest Whitaker).

Spoiler alert! This update has 'Empire' spoilers. Read on only if you want to know what happens in 'Full Circle.'

A press release from Fox states that in "Empire" season 4, episode 2, Lucious will sneak away to go to Uncle Eddie. At first, Cookie will panic when she finds out about this, until she realises she knows where Lucious is heading. Meanwhile, Tiana (Serayah McNeill) and Hakeem will grow more comfortable as a family, especially with Anika still behind bars. Elsewhere, Becky (Gabourey Sidibe) makes a rash decision about Jamal's new song.

'Full Circle' guest stars and cast

The guest stars that will appear in this episode are Leslie Uggams Pratt as Leah Walker, William Dick as Judge Claremont, Claudette Burchett as Juanita, Teyonah Parris as Pamela Rose, Brian King as Jake Perlman, Anthony Jackson as Clem, Kurt Naebig as Detective Lumley, Rob Wilson as Cabbie, Kate Fry as Myra and Peter DeFaria as Detective Mitchell. The rest of the "Empire" cast will also be seen in "Full Circle," including Xzibit as Shine Johnson, Rumer Willis as Tory Ash, Terrell Carter as Warren Hall, Ta'Rhonda Jones as Porsha and Andre Royo as Thurston "Thirsy" Rawlings.

'Empire' episodes

The episode prior to "Full Circle" was the "Empire" season 4 premiere titled "Noble Memory," which aired in the US on Wednesday. It showed the aftermath of the explosion from the "Empire" season 3 finale.

Five months after the tragedy, Lucious is shown to have no memory of himself or his family. Cookie tried to help Lucious regain his memory while keeping an eye on his new nurse, Claudia. Meanwhile, Diana Dubois (Phylicia Rashad) continued to declare her war against the Lyons. Plus, Andre had to deal with the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) investigation. Carlotta Brown (Queen Latifah) also visited Lucious and Cookie. "Noble Memory" was directed by Sanaa Hamri and written by Brett Mahoney.

The "Empire" TV series will start airing its third season in Australia on Oct. 7 at 8:30 pm on Fox 8. It airs the fourth season in the US on Wednesdays at 8-9 pm ET/PT. The episode after "Full Circle" is "Evil Manners" and it will air in the US on Oct. 11. Stay tuned for more updates about the Lyon family.

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