Emmerdale set
A photo of the "Emmerdale" set in Leeds, England was taken by actor Jonathan Wrather who posted it on his official Twitter account. @jpwrather/Twitter

The "Emmerdale" cast, including Zoe Henry (Rhona), Jonathan Wrather (Pierce), Fiona Wade (Priya), Amy Walsh (Tracy), Chris Chittell (Pollard), Conner Chapman (Josh), Alfie Clarke (Arthur), John Middleton (Ashley), Dominic Brunt (Paddy), Gillian Kearney (Emma), Nicola Wheeler (Nicola), Ryan Prescott (Leo), Mark Charnock (Marlon), Charley Webb (Debbie), Michael Parr (Ross), Patrick Mower (Rodney), Sally Dexter (Faith), Charlotte Bellamy (Laurel) and Emily Head (Rebecca), will star in the episodes of the British soap opera on June 26, 27 and 30. Some important storylines include Rhona admitting to others that she was raped by Pierce and Arthur becoming more anxious. Read on to learn more about these episodes.

Spoiler Alert! This update contains more 'Emmerdale' spoilers. Read on if you want to know more about the upcoming episodes of the British soap.

Rhona talks about being raped by Pierce

According to ITV, on Monday, June 26, Rhona will be fed up of people thinking that Pierce is a good guy. At the Woolpack, she will blurt out to them that he actually raped her. Meanwhile, Tracy will be intrigued about something and Priya will feel pressured. Digital Spy also reports that after Rhona's confession about Pierce being a rapist, she will find a message in the mirror after taking a bath at home.

Elsewhere, Pollard is mad at Josh's return in the village. However, he couldn't help but wonder why he's covered in bruises. Meanwhile, Pete and Priya will continue their affair.

Tracy questions Josh about his bruises

On Tuesday, there will be an hour-long episode of "Emmerdale" Season 16 that will show Arthur watching a video of Emma manipulating Ashley. As for Tracy, he will ask Josh how he got his bruises. Plus, Rhona will get freaked out when she realises that someone went in her house. She'll talk to Paddy about it and tell him that Pierce could be behind it. This leads Paddy to go to Pierce's office.

Elsewhere, Priya will be in court, and Nicola will be there to support her. Priya will also tell Jai (Chris Bisson) that she has given Nicola a stake in the business.

Rebecca talks about Debbie's feelings for Ross

Friday's episode will show Rebecca having a conversation with Debbie about Ross. She points out that she had the situation all wrong and that Debbie obviously still has feelings for him. Rhona will also search for some answers.

"Emmerdale" episodes will air in the UK at 7 pm BST on ITV on Monday, Tuesday and Friday for the week of June 26. ITV rescheduled some of its episodes to air later in June to make way for the 2017 FIFA Confederations Cup semi-finals coverage in Russia on Wednesday and Thursday.

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