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Sony Computer Entertainment Japan Asia President Hiroshi Kawano speaks during a news conference in Tokyo September 9, 2013. Reuters/Toru Hanai

The biggest question that fans are asking about "Driveclub" is when the promised PlayStation Plus Edition will be coming out. Granted, the full game is already out and has already received a number of patches, but considering how long the delay has been, it's not a surprise that fans are still hoping for any news of the free trial.

But going by the looks of it, the PS Plus Edition will not see released this year. However, according to PlayStation Lifestyle, developer Evolution Studios is putting this as one of their main priorities. For those who are already enjoying the game, the developer has an update, for "Driveclub," which it announced over its official Facebook page.

"There's a new Game Update for Driveclub. It's a small one (0.15GB), mainly supporting the recent server upgrades and enhancing the in-game audio for the dynamic weather systems," said the developer.

The update also includes corrupt challenges and deals with the spinning load icons. There are also performance improvements thanks to the update, which is currently out for everyone to download. In the meantime, fans can enjoy a few screenshots, which show off some of the cars for "Driveclub," as well as some of the scenery that you can enjoy, as compiled by DualShockers.

This is not the end of the improvements for "Driveclub" as Rustchynsky has also hinted at new features coming in 2015. Gamingbolt reports that one main issue that gamers have been grappling with involving "Driveclub," which is their need for adjustments with the difficulty setting, may now be addressed.

The source states that players have been having a hard time with the game. This is why the game's director has already hinted that there is a chance to develop difficulty options in the future.

"The plan long term is to try and cater for a wider range of skills, both experts and newcomers," said Rustchynsky in a statement quoted by Gamingbolt.

Given that the developer of "Driveclub" has been very open about catering to the needs and feedback of the fans, there does still seem to be hope that these additional options will find their way into the title. "Driveclub" is still not without its issues as a game, though Evolution Studios is bent on fixing them come the new year.

One of the fixes that will be attended to includes the driver stats tracking system, which is currently not working for most players. According to Rustchynsky, the tracking is still going on in the background, and the fix is aimed at making the tracking visible.

"Driveclub" Dynamic Weather System (Credit: YouTube/BroKenGaMezHD)

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