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Following the surprising release of the long-awaited "GTA Online Heists," "GTA 5" developer Rockstar Games is giving fans another treat for the holiday season. Starting today, players of the "GTA Online" can expect the Festive Surprise Title Update, which is already available for all four platforms: PS4, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PS3.

Rockstar has announced via the Newswire the many things and features coming with the "GTA 5" Festive Surprise, starting with new weapons like the Homing Missile Launcher and Proximity, which will remain in the players' arsenal forever once they get them. Other free Christmas gears are coming to town. There's the holiday PJs, Christmas sweaters, scarves, masks, hats and more, and they can be worn until Jan. 5.

Vehicles will also strike a merry pose as four new vehicles will be parking in players' garage: the Hot Rod Christmas Ratloader, the Slam Van and the Massacro and Jester sports cars. Similar to the weapons, these are already for players to keep once they get them. Holiday Special Crate Drops are also headed your way, and they serve as your chance to catch up on vintage GTA tees that were given during the Social Club Even Weekends-consider it Rockstar's Christmas treat.

However, the interesting addition is the rare snowfall in San Andreas. This means that players can change ammo from blood-spurting guns to icy snowballs. Of course, that doesn't mean fluffy fan, because in true "GTA 5" fashion, even the snowballs can be weapons.

Both Christmas and New Year will each have a special event. The former will see Dec. 25 filled with gifts for inventory, while the New Year will bring in the Firework Launcher and Firework rocket ammo, usable until Jan. 5. As an ender, Rockstar teased one last piece of treat for fans. "Do stay tuned throughout the holiday weeks for some announcements of opportunities to score bonus GTA$ as well," said the developer on the Newswire.

That's not all that fans need to stay tuned for, especially with confirmation that a new story DLC is coming to "GTA 5." Kotaku reports that in an interview, voice actor Shawn Fonteno, who lends his voice to Franklin of "GTA 5," has stated that he is already heading to New York in two weeks' time.

What's more, the expected "GTA 5" DLC is said to be a big one headed for release in 2015. According to the source, this is in line with what Rockstar has already promised in terms of Story Modes updates still to come out following the launch of "GTA 5."

Granted, the promised story updates were dated for 2014 release, but given the delay that the Online Heists experienced, the same may happen to the story modes. At the very least, fans can expect Rockstar to deliver and give more, especially with the back-to-back release of the "GTA Online Heists" and the new Festive Update for Christmas.

"GTA 5 Online" Festive Update (Credit: YouTube/ALL SILENCED)

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