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Without a doubt, "Mass Effect 4" is one of the titles that fans have been waiting for since word of its development back in 2012 was heard about. In E3 2014, fans were treated to a "Mass Effect 4" trailer, though it was not what fans were expecting, as you can see below.

Though it did give some hints of what's to come, fueling some rumours and theories that fans have started to speculate on, it made one thing clear: "Mass Effect 4" will not be a prequel to the previous titles. Worlds Factory reported earlier that insider shinobi602 has stated that the game will operate on a big scale with many explorable areas offered to gamers.

"However, it'll be much more open than previous ME games. The number of explorable planets they're targeting alone is impressive to say the least," said shinobi602 as quoted by Worlds Factory.

This seem to be supported by the latest tease from Chris Wynn, senior development director for "Mass Effect." Taking to Twitter, he mentioned the build of the new title, as well as just how big it's going to be.

Copying the latest Mass Effect build to my computer to play. Windows is telling me "about 1 day" to copy it. There is a lot in there.

— Chris Wynn (@The1Wynn) December 10, 2014

The last information leak that fans were able to get about "Mass Effect 4" was from industry insider shinobi602, when he stated that "Mass Effect 4" won't become an Xbox One timed-exclusive title. GamingBolt reports that, while this deviates from what has been the practice for the first two titles of the franchise, it appears that the team working on the project is different from the team assigned to it before.

This would be a benefit for PS4 fans, especially after Microsoft just recently announced the exclusivity of "Rise of the Tomb Raider." In addition, "Mass Effect 4" may not necessarily even be a numbered title, because as far as the development procedure is concerned, it currently has no official project name as of the moment.

The next "Mass Effect" game, as it is sometimes called, will run on Frostbite 3 engine, and will reportedly not come out in last-gen console PS3 and Xbox 360. This also contributes to painting a picture of how big the title is aiming to become. As per usual, however, claims by insiders should be taken cautiously, especially since the developer has not made any claims regarding the title.

As far as any word from the developer Bioware has given, there is an introduction page over at the official Bioware Blog, for those who are not yet acquainted with the dev team behind the next "Mass Effect" title. A good takeaway here is that no matter how the team has changed, the aim of telling a great story in "Mass Effect" remains to be the goal.

"Mass Effect 4" preview trailer (Credit: YouTube/GamesHQMedia)

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