It was recently announced that the Kickstarter funding for the “Dragon’s Lair” movie has been cancelled, but the project will continue, this time using Indiegogo for funds. According to animation legend Don Bluth, the team will be restarting their efforts after numerous suggestions from the Kickstarter campaign.

Bluth and his partner for the project Gary Goldman promised that the next campaign would be “stronger, more valiant,” according to GameSpot. The new campaign will begin on Dec. 1, so animation fans and those who enjoyed the arcade game have something to look forward to next week.

Most people will remember Don Bluth for numerous acclaimed animated films like “Anastasia,” “The Land Before Time” and “The Secret of Nimh.” He’s considered by many to be an animation expert for his numerous contributions from the late 80’s to the early 90’s.

At the time, Bluth and Goldman asked for $550,000 (AU $765, 000) to make a 10-minute teaser, which they would then pitch to Hollywood studios for a full-length animated film. The duo then realized that they would need at least $70 Million (AU 97 million) to make a full film, so they cancelled the original campaign and are working on a new one.

As of this writing, the major differences between the Kickstarter and Indiegogo campaign haven’t been detailed yet. It’s possible that the rewards will be different from the first funding campaign, though the extensive details regarding that haven’t been revealed. The Indiegogo page for the film’s funding has already been secured and it will go live next week, with a new goal and presumably better prizes for funders.

The original arcade game “Dragon’s Lair” was essentially an interactive animated film and was considered extremely difficult by many. The arcade game had beautiful animation from the legend and featured multiple ways for the character to die, which added to the fun and frustration for many arcade players.

Most recently, the Nostalgia Critic released a let’s play video of “Dragon’s Lair” on YouTube. Instead of the original arcade game, it’s the new version that’s currently available on PC DVD and Blu-Ray, which allows players to use a PlayStation 3 controller.

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